Career Counselling for Subject Selection

Career Counselling for Subject Selection

Counselling Plan Features

  • Personality Analysis and Assessment
  • 2 Dimensional Assessment with Senior. Psychologists
  • Consultation with Academic Expert
  • Planning Assessment by CASA Method
  • Job Guidance by Field Expert, If required
  • PDF Report ( WhatsApp + Email )
8-10 Steps Process

Consultation Charges

  • Total Service Time 1 hour
  • Service Limit Daily 1 Service
  • Price per service
    2500.00 INR 1150.00
  • Online booking available Book Now

What is Career Counselling for Subject Selection?

Making a bright future is the ultimate desire of most of students but most of them are confused or uninformed about the right subject selection that can help in making their dream career. Here, Career counselling for subject selection provide the opportunities to the students to get guidance for the right subject selection for their dream career. Under career counselling for subject selection students are appropriate guidance about subjects and its aligned courses based on their career goals and aspiration. The career counsellor analyze student's skills, interests, values, and personality to determine the best subject fit for them. Career counselling for subject selection helps student to make informed decision about their career goals and also guided how to achieve them.

During the counselling session, the career counsellor may ask questions about the student, his/her future plan and aspirations. The counsellor may also use tools to conduct assessment of personality in order to get better understanding for the student's personality, interest, strength and weaknesses.

Based on the given information and results from the assessment tools, the counsellor provide the guidance about the subject selection. The counsellor help the student to know about the career opportunities related to subject so that the student can make a better informed decision. the counsellor may provide the guidance for subject selections after class 10th, specific degrees or majors, as well as advice on electives and extracurricular activities that can enhance the student's education and career prospects.

It's important to note that career counselling for subject selection is not a one-time event, but rather a continuous process. Students may need to revisit their career goals and reassess

Benefits of Career Counselling for Subject Selection

Students are confused about the subject selection after class 10th or 12th, but due to lack of right knowledge and proper support, students end up their career in a wrong direction. At this situation, Career counselling for subject selection is become inevitable to get the right guidance for subject selection. Getting a career counselling for subject selection can bring many benefits which are given as follow:

Better Decision Making: Career counselling for subject selection helps students to make an informed better decision about their career. It helps to about career paths related to specific subject. By gaining a better understanding of the available options, individuals can make decisions that align with their interests, abilities, and long-term career goals.

Clarity on Career Goals: To get a successful career, it is very important to have clarity on career goals. Career counselling for subject selection helps students to gain clarity on their career goals and aspirations. During the counselling session, counsellor helps students to make them understand their interest, values and strengths which help in bringing the clarity on career goals. This career counselling for subject selection makes strong foundation for career path.

Improved Decision-Making: knowledge helps individual to make a better decision in life. Here, with the help career counselling for subject selection, students get more confidence in decision making. Counselling helps students in evaluating pros and cons of the subject based career and career options related to the particular while considering their interest, abilities and career goals. This improved decision-making process leads to more informed and confident choices.

Better Match Between Education and Career: Successful career can be achieved only if it align with the right subject. Student after 10th or 12th opt such type of subject which is neither align their interest nor their career goals. Career counselling helps students to match their education with the career goals. For this, the counsellor provide the necessary knowledge and skill for the decided career. This match between the education and career is highly requirable for a successful career.

Access to Resources: Career counsellors are experienced and knowledgeable professionals. They provide the guidance about various subjects, their syllabus and the relevant course related to subjects. They can provide the valuable resources to students having confusion about subject selection after class 10th or 12th such as textbooks, online materials and vocational training opportunities.

Enhanced Motivation and Engagement: Confusion about subject selection after class 10th or 12th is stressful and doubtful steps which led to demotivation for the students. Career counselling for subject selection helps students to clear doubt about the career and reduce the stress by providing career path that align their career goals and personal interest. Having the guidance from professional career counsellor, students get motivated and invested themselves in their studies. This help in increasing motivation and better academic performance.

Improved Time Management:  Having a right study time management increase the chances of a career to be successful. Career counsellor helps students in developing the effective time management for their studies by guiding on making study time-table, subject study setting priorities and balancing study and other activities. This time management guided by career counsellor helps in increasing time management.

Improved Self-Awareness: Career counselling helps students to be self-aware about their interest, values, strength and weaknesses. Career counsellor conducts self-assessment activities and aptitude test. Such activities and test help students to know themselves in better way which help on selecting the right subject after class 10th or 12th.

Building Confidence and Esteem: Career counselling helps student to remove the self-doubt and work for the development of self-confidence and self-esteem. By identifying the personal interest, values, strength and weaknesses of the student, career counsellor help in building a positive self-image, improve self-worth and enhance their academic development. Increased confidence and esteem help in achieving the career goals with academic success.

Dealing with Stress or Depression: Making a successful career is desire of all but finding the right academic path is always stressful. Students are always in doubt in selecting the right subject which become emotional challengeable and stressful. Career counselling for subject selection comes with the support in managing this stress and helping in removing the symptoms of anxiety or depression, if identified. Career counsellors train with coping strategies for better mental well-being. 

In conclusion, career counselling for subject selection after class 10t or 12th provides various benefits whether it is about better informed decision-making, finding aligned career goals and developing mental health with coping strategies dealing with academic stress.

Facts & Stats Related Problems in Academic Development in India

Limited understanding of subject choices:  A survey conducted by Education World detailed that approx.  60% of parents and student in India are not aware much about the various subjects available in market which is leading to confusion and doubt in their subject selection.

Gender stereotypes: Society has been a stereotype behavior for gender which has a significant impact on subject selection when it is concerned with girls. A report has been published by UNESCO, according to which only around 35% girls in India choose to study subject related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in higher education.

Social and cultural expectations: Social and cultural expectation has major impact on students while selecting a subject for career goals particularly with respect to professional career such as medicine and engineering. A report introduced by National Sample Survey, around 70% students in India select their subject based on their career prospects.

Inadequate guidance: Proper guidance shall be provided to students for achieving a successful career. In the absence of adequate guidance students can be lead to confusion and uncertainty in subject selection. Around 50% of students in India reported not receiving adequate guidance in subject selection, according to a survey by the National Sample Survey,

Limited availability of subject options: There are many schools and colleges in many regions in India having limited availability of subject options for students. Around 50% schools in India offers subjects such as economics and computer science at the secondary level, according to a survey conducted by Ministry of Human Resource.

Lack of exposure to non-traditional subjects: Students in India are generally expose to traditional subjects. They do not have much exposure to non-traditional subjects such as design, liberal arts and humanities. Due to which students have limited choice options for subject selection. According to the National Sample Survey's report, only around 10% Indian students choose to study non-traditional subjects in higher studies.

Performance anxiety: Wrong subject selection can lead to performance anxiety among the students. Generally, Students select subjects on the basis of perceived ease or difficulty, rather than where actually their interest lies. A report submitted by Indian Journal of Psychiatry stated that around 30% Indian students experience some form of academic pressure and anxiety.

Limited opportunities for vocational education: Limited opportunities for vocational education in India is a major concern for the students from low-income backgrounds. According to a report submitted by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, only around 5% of the Indian workforce has received formal vocational training.

Limited access to information and resources: Limited access to information and resources, particularly in rural areas, can impact subject selection among students in India. According to a report by the Ministry of Rural Development, around 70% of the Indian population lives in rural areas, where access to education and resources is limited.

Language barriers: Language is one of the big hurdle among students in India, particularly for those students having first language different from the medium of instruction. It can bring a great impact for subject selection. Around 40% students in India have been reported for facing language barriers in education.

Lack of career guidance: Career guidance is highly important while selecting a subject for secondary or higher studies. Lack of career guidance can be a major problem in subject selection. According to the Ministry of Human Resource Development's report, only around 10% schools in India provide career guidance to students.

Regional variations: In India, education policies and curricula are varied state-to-state. This regional variations has an impact on subject selection criteria. For example, in some states, certain subjects are compulsory, while in others, they are optional. This can lead to disparities in subject choices and career opportunities.

Parental pressure: In India, parents play a important role while selecting a subject for career building. This parental pressure has become a major problem in subject selection among students. According to a survey conducted by prime newspaper the Hindustan Times, around 80% Indian parents play an active role in their children's subject selection. Most of time they impose their own preferences and expectations.

Lack of exposure to real-world applications: Indian students lack the exposure to real-world applications of subjects. According to National Sample Survey's report, only 30% Indian students reported to have access to practical learning experiences.

Limited focus on interdisciplinary learning: In education, a new trend has been emerged i.e. Interdisciplinary learning but it is still limited among students in India. According to Indian Express' report, only 10% higher education institutions in India offers interdisciplinary programs. It is beneficial for students to select more than one subject in which they are interest and looking for career opportunities.

Gender bias: Gender bias has been major problem in academic development of the students, particularly for the girls in subject selection. According to National Sample Survey's report, only 20% female students in India select science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, in comparison to 40% male students.

Socio-economic disparities: Socio-economic disparities has always made a greater impact on backward and low-income communities. It has similar impact on subject selection among students belonging such communities. According a survey conducted by National Sample Survey, around 70% student in India who belong to highest income group select science and commerce fields while comparing to around 50% from the lowest income group.

Lack of awareness about emerging careers: According to a survey conducted by India Today, around 60% students in India are unaware of emerging careers like artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. This lack of awareness about new emerging careers can impact students' behavior of subject selection.
Limited availability of advanced courses: In India there are limitation of advanced courses availability for certain subjects. Only around 15% Indian colleges provides advanced courses in science and mathematics.

Perception of certain subjects as less lucrative: Students in India have perception of certain subjects as less lucrative. For instance, according to a survey report submitted by NDTV, around 60% of students in India perceive humanities and social sciences subjects as less lucrative career options in comparison to STEM fields' subjects.

Why is Career Counselling for Subject Selection Important?

Students who are confused about subject selection after class 10th or 12th, career counselling for subject selection is highly beneficial as it provide guidance to students with informed decision making about their education and career goals while fulfilling and successful outcome.

In the modern era where job market is changing rapidly, students have to face a wide range of career choices. Without the proper career guidance, it has become very difficult for them to select the right subject for their career. With the help of career counselling for subject selection, students are able to make informed decision about their career which lead to a greater satisfaction and success in their selected career.

Furthermore, it is important to note here that while selecting the wrong subject can make long-lasting consequences on their career such as low interest and skills, job dissatisfaction, and frustration in job. Career counselling for subject selection can be very helpful for students in avoiding negative outcomes with the help of information and guidance provided by the professional career counsellors.

In summary, career counselling for subject selection for students who has passed class 10th or 12th can be very important as it help students to understand their interest, values, strength and weaknesses. It provide students informed decision about the education and career path which is very important to make a fulfilling and successful career.

Who Should opt for Career Counselling for Subject Selection?

Students who are looking for guidance for subject selection can get benefit from career counselling for subject selection. This includes:

High School Students: Students who has passed their high school exam and facing confusion while making decision for right subject selection, must contact for counselling for subject selection to get benefit for informed career decisions.

College Students: Students who have passed the secondary education and are ready make start a journey for career goals but not sure about the subject based career opportunities must connect for career counselling for informed career decisions.

Feature of Career Counselling for Subject Selection

The Study Lamp is online career counselling platform for career solutions. The Study Lamp also provide the online career counselling for subject selection. TSL assists students in making a well-inform decisions for their career goals. Lets explore the feature of career counselling for subject selection provided by TSL:

Personality Analysis and Assessment:

Selection a subject for successful career is a desire of many students but before making any decision on it, It is important to assess and analyse  student's personality. while understanding a student's interest, values, strength and weaknesses, The Study Lamp utilize various tools and techniques. The Study Lamp conducts in-depth personality analysis and assessments. This personality analysis and assessment help counsellor to evaluate many factors such as aptitude, interests, and learning styles, These valuable insights help to understand the student's preferences and inclinations. 

Two-Dimensional Assessment with Senior Psychologists:

The Study Lamp facilitates two-dimensional assessments with senior psychologist. Under this a senior psychologists specializing in career counselling involve in counselling session with student.  This  counselling session helps psychologist to understand student's aspirations, values, and goals. This interactive discussions between the senior psychologists and counselling beneficiary give insights of  academic performance, extracurricular activities, and long-term career plans. This holistic approach enables them to guide students towards courses or colleges that align with their interests, aptitudes, and future prospects.

Planning Assessment by CASA Method:

The Study Lamp use its CASA method for assessments. The CASA method evaluates the student's interest and  aspirations, compatibility for specific , and ability to succeed in that subject. with the help of systematic approach, the CASA method helps identify suitable subjects that are aligned with the student's career goals. It enables students to make career choices based on subject that maximize their potential for success and personal fulfillment.

Consultation with Academic Expert:

Academic experts are available for consultation by The Study Lamp to guarantee the precision and pertinence of subject choices. These professionals are highly knowledgeable and experienced in a wide range of academic fields, and they have a profound awareness of how education is changing. Students obtain guidance on the requirements, and possible career options linked with various subjects by utilizing their experience. Through this consultation, students can explore options that align with their interests, aspirations, and goals and make well-informed judgments.

Job Guidance by Field Expert, If Required:

Understanding the value of real-world knowledge, The Study Lamp works with subject matter experts that have firsthand expertise in a range of sectors and professions. These professionals provide helpful advise to students who need particular guidance about job prospects and industry insights relating to the subjects they have chosen. They support students in comprehending the real-world applications of the courses they have selected, employment trends, and prospects for the future. With the help of this information, students can be sure they have a thorough understanding of the possible career routes linked to their selections.

PDF Report (WhatsApp + Email):

Continuity and ease of access to the counseling process are important to The Study Lamp. We offer PDF files that summarize the subject  selection talks and suggestions in order to make this easier. Parents and kids are notified of these findings via email and other convenient ways. The reports are an invaluable tool that let parents and children review the main points, solutions, and plans of action that were covered in the counseling sessions. This facilitates communication, progress monitoring, and informed decision-making for parents and students.

In conclusion, The Study Lamp is the best source of expert career counseling services, both offline and online, for choosing subjects after the tenth or twelfth grade. Through the use of two-dimensional tests, the CASA technique for planning assessments, academic experts' consultations, career advice from the field, and personality analysis and assessment.

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