दैनिक जागरण-GIC छात्राओं को दिए भविष्य निर्माण के टिप्स

Media Coverage

Published On: 21 May, 2023

In the vast landscape of our competitive world, the choices we make regarding our careers hold the power to shape our destinies. Recognizing the gravity of this reality, The Study Lamp Team orchestrated the enlightening Career Counselling Guidance Program, "Manthan," at Mussoorie Girls Inter College on May 20, 2023. This transformative event garnered resounding acclaim, gracing the pages of Dainik Jagran newspaper, where its impact radiated from the prominent spotlight of page 8 in the revered Yuva Jagaran edition. Let us embark on a journey through the essence of Manthan and the profound influence it wielded, as elegantly portrayed by Dainik Jagran.

Empowering Students: Unleashing the Potential of Manthan

Manthan, like an oasis amidst the vast expanse of uncertainty, sought to empower students by bestowing upon them invaluable guidance and insights into diverse career pathways. Recognizing the pivotal role of career counselling, The Study Lamp Team collaborated harmoniously with Mussoorie Girls Inter College, orchestrating this transcendent event that illuminated the way for ambitious young souls.

Dainik Jagran: Casting Rays of Recognition

The ripples of Manthan extended far beyond the hallowed halls of Mussoorie Girls Inter College, as Dainik Jagran, a beacon of wisdom, embraced the momentous occasion with generous coverage. Within the sacred pages of the illustrious Yuva Jagaran edition, Dainik Jagran paid homage to the significance of career counselling and its profound capacity to shape the lives of burgeoning scholars.

Immersed within the depths of page 8, Dainik Jagran meticulously elucidated the vision and salient facets of Manthan. The coverage stood as a resplendent testament to the mastery and unwavering dedication exhibited by The Study Lamp Team in guiding students towards the realms of triumphant careers. Dainik Jagran fervently applauded the concerted efforts of the organisers and the esteemed college, who collaborated seamlessly to orchestrate an event brimming with transformative potential.

Igniting Enlightenment: Fostering Dialogue and Awareness

"Dainik Jagran's profound coverage of Manthan assumed an instrumental role in fostering awareness and kindling the flames of meaningful discourse surrounding the indelible importance of career counselling and guidance programs. The comprehensive article served as a catalyst, sparking impassioned conversations among readers, parents, educators, and luminaries of various professions. Their collective voices resounded with a resolute consensus, emphasizing the dire necessity of equipping students with the compass of knowledge to navigate the labyrinthine corridors of career choices.

Sawan Chandra, in his capacity as the Senior Career Counsellor, underscored the profound importance of fostering self-discovery and cultivating confident decision-making within the constantly evolving landscape of career choices. Kuldeep Singh, a distinguished cum-Career Counsellor and IT Sector Expert, not only shed light on the dynamic opportunities within the IT sector but also passionately inspired students to delve into the expansive realm of technology, urging them to embrace its potential with enthusiasm and curiosity.

The program further thrived on the invaluable insights provided by Mrs. Santosh Arya, a respected Former Principal, who eloquently emphasized the alignment of personal values with career choices. Sarang Chandra, in his role as the Co-Career Counsellor, honed in on recognizing individual strengths, tailoring personalized career advice to nurture the distinctive abilities of each student.

Amreen Khan, as the Program Manager, exhibited her expertise in seamless coordination, highlighting the creation of an interactive and engaging environment during "Manthan." Khyati Gautam, functioning as the Co-Career Counsellor - Junior, established relatable connections with students, fostering open dialogue and empowering them to articulate their aspirations and concerns.

In the flawless execution of the program, Payal Rai, the dedicated Coordinator of Career Counselling, observed firsthand its positive impact on students, reinforcing the critical role of dedicated career guidance in shaping their future paths.

The strategic placement of this captivating coverage on page 8 of the esteemed Yuva Jagaran edition ensured that Manthan's resounding impact reverberated across the vast expanse of eager minds. The article transcended geographical boundaries, igniting a transformative fire within the realm of education and inspiring educational institutions and stakeholders to elevate career counselling to its rightful pedestal."

Sustaining Momentum: Forging a Path to Triumph

Dainik Jagran's comprehensive media coverage served as an irrefutable validation of the tireless efforts invested in orchestrating Manthan, further invigorating the resolute spirit of The Study Lamp Team and Mussoorie Girls Inter College to empower students through the profound art of career counselling and guidance.

The resplendent success of Manthan, fueled by the divine flames of Dainik Jagran's media coverage, emboldened The Study Lamp Team to traverse uncharted horizons. The profound exposure garnered through this alliance ignited a renewed passion within their hearts, propelling them to explore novel collaborations and forge partnerships that would touch the lives of countless more students. Their ardent mission remains steadfast—to endow the next generation with the tools and guidance needed to sculpt a destiny steeped in success.

Illuminating Pathways to a Radiant Future

The luminous tapestry woven by the media coverage of the transformative Career Counselling Guidance Program, Manthan, meticulously crafted by The Study Lamp Team at Mussoorie Girls Inter College and passionately captured within the pages of Dainik Jagran, has transcended the boundaries of a mere event. Through their profound article, Dainik Jagran underscored the indomitable importance of career counselling and guidance in shaping the very essence of students' lives.

Within the resplendent wake of Manthan's reverberating impact, impassioned dialogues were sparked, and the collective resolve of educational stakeholders was rejuvenated. The triumph of Manthan, synergized by the media's magnanimous exposure, stands as an unwavering testament to The Study Lamp Team and Mussoorie Girls Inter College unyielding commitment to empowering students, lighting the path toward a future adorned with resplendent careers.

Amidst a world perpetually evolving, initiatives like Manthan stand as beacons, casting luminous rays of guidance upon students, illuminating their way to resolute career decisions. The harmonious partnership between The Study Lamp Team and Dainik Jagran exemplifies a transformative synergy, forging a path that endeavours to shape the lives of students and herald a radiant future, guided by the inextinguishable light of career counselling and guidance.