Find The Right Career Counsellor for A Bright Future

Find The Right Career Counsellor for A Bright Future
Created At 10 Jan, 2024
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A right career is the most important part of a human life. Your career will decide your social status, and in this era, people respect you according to your job status. All we can say is that choosing the right career path is the first step in your life toward achieving success. One can seek the help of a professional career counsellor to be more certain and have a clearer vision of one’s career. But there are a number of counselors available nowadays. One should distinguish between a real and fake career counselor and take professional career counseling only from a professional career counsellor. 

Who is a counsellor, and why is it different from a general social advisor?

A counselor is a person who helps people by solving the problems they face in their lives. A counselor allows a person to explore and decide what is best for them. A counselor can assist you in resolving mental, behavioral, educational, or emotional issues in your family, couples, children, and so on.
A counselor is someone who has years of experience and has studied the subject. Whereas a general social adviser gives general advice, he is more concerned with guiding you without deeply understanding your actual problems. As we know, advice is sought with the conviction of being told what to do, and advice is given with the expectation that what is said will be done.

Types of Counsellors


Career Counsellors

A career counsellor provides advice to those who are confused, doubtful, or have no direction as to what to do in their careers. They are experts who are highly qualified and possess the ability to examine the individual carefully and accurately to provide them with the best solutions. They will guide you to jobs as well.

Educational Counsellors

After completion of the 10th and 12th standards, many students are confused about what to pursue next. Educational counsellors are the ones whom we can seek for help at that time. They majorly help by accessing their client’s qualifications and, based on that, providing a few options for the student to choose from.

Marriage and Family Counsellors

These types of counselors treat people who are going through emotional and mental problems related to their family or relationships. In simple words, they diagnose the issues a couple or family members may be facing and work together to propose a solution for them.

Rehabilitation Counsellors

They mainly focus on patients who are either physically or mentally disabled in some way. These limitations may cause the person to not be as functional in society, and they may feel out of place. Rehabilitation counsellors help these people by evaluating their strengths and weaknesses and providing them with medical care, training, and counseling. They also assist them in developing as individuals and learning new skills so that they are not reliant on others. 

Mental health counsellors

Mental health counsellors work to help individuals who suffer from past substance use experiences, emotional issues, and behavioural difficulties. They help their clients mitigate their problems, reduce stress, teach them healthy ways of living, and provide therapy so that they don’t struggle with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Substance Abuse Counsellors

Unlike mental health counsellors, substance use counsellors only focus on patients who show addictive behaviour towards a particular substance. Their patients may range from teenagers to adults. This type of counsellor works with the patients to reveal why they show addictive signs and helps them recover from them by providing them with programmes and different steps to take to completely recover from the addictive aspect of their personality. This allows them to heal in peace and continue to live normally, staying away from substance abuse in the future.

Who is a career counsellor?

A career counsellor is someone who has proper knowledge of the current trending courses. He analyses the client and helps him know what his skills are and in which direction he should proceed. A career counsellor may or may not have the proper qualifications that a professional career counsellor has. They either lack experience or have little knowledge of career counseling. 

What Is the Distinction Between a Fake or False Career Counsellor and a Genuine Career Counsellor?

It is very important to choose the right career counselor, as your whole career may depend on it. Therefore, it is very important to know about the characteristics of a fake or false counsellor and a genuine counsellor. A fake or false counsellor only focuses on making money and does not have any knowledge to help people. This kind of counsellor will try to sell courses provided by their company or prepared by themselves to earn money. They are the ones we usually see at malls; the salesman tries to act like a professional career counselor, but in reality, their motive is just to sell their product. A genuine career counsellor who always puts their clients first is a trained professional who will work with their clients to guide them to the best possible career option.

Characteristics of a Career Counsellor

It is very important to choose the right career counselor, as your whole career may depend on it. As a result, it is critical to understand the differences between a fake or false counsellor and a genuine counselor. A fake or false counsellor only focuses on making money and does not have any knowledge to help people. This kind of counsellor will try to sell courses provided by their company or prepared by themselves to earn money. A legitimate career counsellor will always put their clients first and is a trained professional who will work with their clients to guide them to the best career option possible. 


A good career counsellor will be the one who will determine your skills, analyse your capabilities, and guide you to pursue a career in the same field. He will never force you to go to another field. He is the one who clears our blurred vision and makes us move ahead on a lighted path.

Active Listener

Only an active listener can be a good career counselor, as only if he listens carefully to the problem of an individual will he give him the best solution.


A professional career counsellor needs to be understanding. If he wants to counsel someone, he should understand that person’s situation and point of view, and only then guide him about his career.

Flexible Attitude

A professional career counsellor should be humble by nature. He should be polite. His good communication skills are also a part of his flexible nature.


A career counsellor should not have a preconceived notion about his or her client. He should first listen to the client’s problems and only then tell them their solutions. Also, he should not consider his solutions the final verdict for them.

Qualifications of a Career Counsellor

  • Graduate, Masters, or PhD in Psychology
  • Must be aware of the current career opportunities available.
  • Must have at least 5 years of experience 

Who is a professional career counsellor?

A career counsellor is a trained professional whom people seek whenever they need advice related to their career. They offer unbiased advice to help a student, or even an adult, resolve a problem. This type of counselling tends to attract a lot of clients because it is an easy and effective way of choosing a career or even moving to a different one. They focus on the qualifications and strengths of their clients and do research to find a suitable career for them strictly based on their interests and qualities. The Study Lamp professional career counsellor leds you a clear vision in choosing right career path.

Why Is There a Need for a Professional Career Counsellor?

  • Help the one who is confused with their career.
  • Provide opportunities to those who lack family support.
  • To choose the best career option among all the careers available at this time,
  • Opportunities for those who are disabled but not sure what to do
  • Help us figure out how to tackle all those obstacles.

 Role of a Professional Career Counsellor

  • To guide students who are confused about selecting a stream after passing the 10th
  • To help students choose great career planning opportunities after the 12th
  • To help students select the right career field in the most trending courses
  • To help students prepare for government jobs who are willing to join government jobs
  • To give help to a person having a midlife-career crisis
  • To help a person if he is losing hope in his professional life.
  • To guide students in studying abroad or in selecting the right college or university, etc.

Let's Sum It Up!

Obtaining Professional career counselling will definitely help to clear negative thoughts and give you a positive and healthy outlook on your career. A professional career counsellor will light up a path that will show a number of opportunities. Career Counseling is a must to make wiser decisions and have a good future career. It will help to know the existing career opportunities available in society, which will lead us to a successful future. The Study Lamp professional career counselling is done be legitmate professional career counsellors and this counseling session provides you a clear vision for a bright professional career ahead.