How To Prepare For UKSSSC Exam

How To Prepare For UKSSSC Exam
Created At 10 Jan, 2024
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It is not difficult to crack UKSSSC exam. Just need a little hard work. If you prepare for UKSSSC with proper rules then surely you can crack this exam. UKSSSC exam is one of the most favorite exams but many aspirants don't know how to prepare for the exam. This article is for those candidates only. Through this article you will get to know about the important things related to UKSSSC.

  • Follow the rules
  • Which books to read
  • Tips to prepare
  • What not to do?

Follow the Rules

Set Goals

Which exam do you have to prepare for in UKSSSC? And which job do you want? And why should? Make sure that first. You select the job according to your qualification. You select the job according to your qualification and collect all the important information related to the selected job. Without knowing you will not be able to prepare well. So it is necessary for you to have proper knowledge related to the exam.

Make a Habit of Reading Daily

You should have a habit of reading daily. Most of the children start their studies with a lot of noise in the beginning. But later gradually they start slackening in studies, due to which they take a gap of 3-4 days in between studies. Do not do this, make a habit of reading daily. Read something everyday, this will make you a habit of reading.

Solve Old Question Papers

Go through and analyze previous year question papers to understand the UKSSAC exam. This is a simple way to understand the exam. Solve the old paper on your own, so you will have practice in writing. You can download 8 to 9 year old papers online and take print out and try to solve the paper daily.

Time Table

Reading with a time table is difficult in the beginning. Prepare for the exam according to the time table, as well as keep in mind the time management because you are given a certain amount of time during the exam, in that time you have to solve the question paper. So try to study according to the time table.

 Which Books to Read?

  • NCERT- 6 to 12
  • Reasoning - RS Aggarwal, Arun Sharma
  • General Studies - Dr. Binay Karna, Lucent
  • Current Affairs- Drishti Current Affairs Today Magazine, The Hindu Newspaper

Tips for Preparation

Current Affairs

Reading newspaper is essential for the preparation of current affairs. Because current affairs are important from the point of view of this exam. Along with you newspaper you can read Yojna, Pratiyogita Darpan, Drishti, Kurukshetra Magazine for current affairs preparation. Through news, you should know about what is going on around us in the present time and abroad, in such a situation it is necessary for you to be aware of current affairs.

Make Notes

It is important to make notes to make the preparation for the exam easy. The biggest advantage of making notes is that you will not need to read books during the exam days. Make notes of what you are studying and what is necessary. Make notes on your own understanding, note down what you have studied, because your notes will be very helpful in the examination.

What Not to Do?

This is very important thing what not to do during exam preparation? Many aspirants do not even know what to do in life, they do not have any goal of their own. By making goals, studying and concentrating on only one thing, you will get success in the examination soon. Children join coaching but there is only one thing in their mind that they want to get any government job. Do not start studying anything without knowing the syllabus for the exam. So it is important to know the syllabus first. Also prepare according to the syllabus.

Be Stress Free

If you are preparing for any exam, then it is most important that you do not remain stressed, along with studies, it is important that you also do some entertainment. You can do whatever work you are interested in. Believe in yourself, you will surely achieve success.

Hope you liked this article. This article of ours must have helped you in preparing for UKSSSC exam. If you prepare with sincerity and dedication, you will surely clear the exam. So work hard and get success. All the best to all the candidates who are preparing for the exam.