Arun Dalal

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Arun Dalal

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Faculty of English with 24+ Years'  Experience 

Love working where work is worship and teaching is a passion and may also be led to the horizon of knowledge and can enjoy transcendental ecstasy with my team.

2020 (Nov.) to 2021 (Aug.) Vijeta Classes, Rohtak

2019 (Feb.) till lockdown fell DCR Institute, Gurugram and Rohtak

2018 (Jan.) to 2018 (Dec.) Chirag IAS Academy, Rohtak

2016 till 2021 Sir Chhotu Ram Sr. Sec. School, Shimli

2016 (Nov.) to 2019 (Jan.) K. D. Campus in Delhi, Gurugram, Hisar & Rohtak

2015 to 2019 Kautilya Institute of Law, Rohtak

2009 to 2016 (Nov.) Career Achievers, Lakshya Institute & AMS Academy, Rohtak

2008 to 2009 Divine Institute of Management Studies, Rohtak

2008 to 2009 Mahaveera College of Business Administration, Rohtak

2008 to 2009 D. N. City Sr. Sec. School, Rohtak

2005 to 2007 Elite Institute of English Language, Delhi

2005 to 2007 Rani Lakshmi Bai Polytechnic, Delhi

2005 to 2007 BSES, Delhi

2003 to 2005 Mind Power Institute, Rohtak

1998 to 2000 Yoga Instructor at Kalptru Nature Cure & Treatment Centre, Rohtak

Associated Institute: No
Live & recorded classes: N/A
Study material: N/A
Practice Paper: N/A
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