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Partnerships with NGOs and NPOs for Skilled India

What is this Partnership Program?

Non-Government Organisation & Non-Profitable Organisation are working hard for the development of the different areas of their weaker people. In such a condition, they need support of counselling team to mentain the mental wellness of their volunteers and concerned people. This partnership program offers the counselling support in order to improve the mental wellness of volunteers and concerned people of the NGOs & NPOs.

Why is it important for NGOs & NPOs?

Consistent struggle for the development of the weaker sections of the society and continues effort towards their mental wellness is highly important for NGOs & NPOs. This partnership program of professional counselling will be highly helpful in making successful their efforts.

What kind of Corporate companies should collaborate?

NGOs & NPOs dedicated towards development of weaker sections of the society and who lacks the support of counselling service should contact for betterment of their services and successful results of their efforts. This professional counselling service of The Study Lamp will be a great partner in order to achieve their ultimate goal.

What are the benefits of this Partnership?

This partnership program of professional counselling will bring many benfits for the development of NGOs & NPOs which are as follow:

  • Mental fitness of Volunteers and staffs
  • Stress management to Volunteers
  • Mental wellness of weaker sections
  • Creating the hope of life by motivational program
  • Information of opportunities and clear career goals
  • Development of self-reliance feelings
  • Efforts in the betterment of NGO

We have served to the Kailash Sathyarthi's Bal Ashram, Jaipur with the help of our experts and senior counsellor Mr. Sawan Chandra and team. Our team discussed about their career confusions, life issues and how they can set the right path to achieve their dream.

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