हिन्दुस्तान समाचार पत्र रिपोर्ट-मसूरी GIC की छात्राओं की काउंसलिंग

हिन्दुस्तान समाचार पत्र रिपोर्ट-मसूरी GIC की छात्राओं की काउंसलिंग

Published On: 21/05/2023

2023-05-21 अपना देहरादून, पृष्ठ संख्या 6
हिंदुस्तान न्यूज पेपर
अपना देहरादून, पृष्ठ संख्या 6

In today's rapidly changing and fiercely competitive world, making informed career choices is paramount for future success. Recognizing the vital role of career guidance, The Study Lamp Team organised a game-changing Career Counselling Guidance Program called "Manthan" at Mussoorie Girls Inter College on May 20, 2023. This impactful event received extensive media coverage by Hindustan, prominently featured on page 6 of the Apna Dehradun edition. Let's explore the intricacies of Manthan and the profound impact it had, as highlighted by Hindustan.

Empowering Students: Unleashing the Potential of Manthan

Manthan, the Transformative one day Career Guidance Program, aimed to empower students by providing them with invaluable guidance and support in exploring diverse career pathways. Recognizing the pivotal role of career counselling, The Study Lamp Team collaborated with Mussoorie Girls Inter College to orchestrate this enlightening event.

Hindustan Sheds Light on Manthan's Journey

The powerful impact of Manthan reached a wider audience when Hindustan, a renowned newspaper, dedicated extensive coverage to the event. Hindustan aptly recognized the transformative nature of career counselling and its potential to shape the future trajectories of students.

Illuminating Manthan's Objectives and Features

On page 6 of the Apna Dehradun edition, Hindustan artfully highlighted the objectives and key features of Manthan, celebrating The Study Lamp Team's expertise in providing invaluable guidance to the participating students. Hindustan wholeheartedly commended the organisers and the college for their unwavering commitment to orchestrating a transformative event that empowers students to navigate their career journeys with confidence.

Igniting Awareness and Fostering Dialogue

Hindustan's comprehensive coverage of Manthan played a pivotal role in raising awareness about the paramount importance of career counselling and guidance programs. The insightful article sparked meaningful conversations among readers, parents, educators, and professionals, underscoring the imperative need to equip students with the requisite tools and knowledge for making informed decisions about their careers.

Sustaining Momentum and Envisioning Future Prospects

Hindustan's media coverage served as a resounding validation of the concerted efforts invested in organising Manthan, further inspiring The Study Lamp Team and Mussoorie Girls Inter College to perpetuate their commitment to empowering students through career counselling and guidance.

Charting a Course for Success: Future Endeavours

Buoyed by the success of Manthan and the expansive media exposure, The Study Lamp Team has been invigorated to explore future collaborations and partnerships, with the aim of reaching even more students and providing them with the necessary guidance to shape their futures.

The media coverage of "Manthan: Empowering Students through a Transformative Career Guidance Program," organised by The Study Lamp Team at Mussoorie Girls Inter College, by Hindustan, on page 6 of the Apna Dehradun edition, has significantly amplified the impact of this remarkable event. Through their comprehensive article, Hindustan shed light on the importance of career counselling and guidance in shaping the lives of students.

The coverage initiated crucial discussions and inspired stakeholders in the field of education to prioritise career guidance programs. The success of Manthan, combined with the media exposure, reaffirms the commitment of The Study Lamp Team and Mussoorie Girls Inter College to empower students and guide them towards a bright and prosperous future.

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of opportunities and challenges, initiatives like Manthan provide students with the necessary tools and knowledge to make informed career decisions. The partnership between The Study Lamp Team and Hindustan exemplifies the collaborative efforts to transform the lives of students, ensuring they embark on a path towards success and fulfilment.