शाह टाइम्स-GIC-छात्राओं की भविष्य निर्माण की करियर काउंसेलिंग की

Media Coverage

Published On: 21 May, 2023

In a rapidly evolving world, the choices students make regarding their careers have never been more critical. Understanding the profound impact of career guidance, The Study Lamp Team orchestrated the highly anticipated "Manthan" Career Counselling Guidance Program at Mussoorie Girls Inter College on May 20, 2023. This transformative event garnered significant media attention, with Shah Times Newspaper featuring an extensive coverage on page 7 of the esteemed Dehradun edition. Let us delve into the essence of Manthan and the resounding impact it had, as highlighted by Shah Times.

Empowering Students: Manthan Unleashed

Manthan, a beacon of hope for students, aimed to empower and equip them with indispensable tools and insights to navigate the labyrinth of career choices. In a commendable collaboration, The Study Lamp Team joined forces with Mussoorie Girls Inter College, recognizing the pressing need for comprehensive support in shaping students' career trajectories.

Shah Times Illuminates the Path

The far-reaching impact of Manthan reverberated beyond the confines of Mussoorie Girls Inter College, as Shah Times Newspaper, a reputable publication, provided extensive coverage of the event. Shah Times astutely acknowledged the paramount importance of career counselling and its transformative potential for students.
In a compelling article prominently featured on page 7 of the illustrious Dehradun edition, Shah Times meticulously illuminated the objectives and notable highlights of Manthan. The coverage prominently showcased the expertise and unwavering dedication of The Study Lamp Team in imparting invaluable guidance and insights to the eager participants. Shah Times lauded the collaborative endeavours of both the organisers and the college in fostering an environment conducive to personal and professional growth, creating a remarkable event that would shape the course of students' lives.

Igniting Awareness and Stimulating Dialogue

The extensive coverage provided by Shah Times played a pivotal role in amplifying the impact of "Manthan," bringing attention to the crucial significance of career counselling and guidance programs. Sawan Chandra, Senior Career Counsellor, emphasized the importance of self-discovery, while Kuldeep Singh, cum-Career Counsellor and IT Sector Expert, passionately illuminated the dynamic opportunities within the IT sector. Mrs. Santosh Arya, a Former Principal, underscored aligning personal values with career choices, and Sarang Chandra, Co-Career Counsellor, focused on recognizing individual strengths.

Amreen Khan, Program Manager, showcased expertise in seamless coordination, creating an interactive environment. Khyati Gautam, Co-Career Counsellor - Junior, connected with students on a relatable level, fostering open dialogue. Payal Rai, Coordinator of Career Counselling, ensured flawless execution, witnessing its positive impact. Shah Times' comprehensive coverage on page 7 of the Dehradun edition sparked fervent discussions among concerned parents, educators, and professionals, transcending geographical boundaries. This thought-provoking article served as a catalyst, inspiring educational institutions and stakeholders to prioritize the paramount importance of career counselling in shaping students' future endeavors.

Sustaining Momentum and Paving the Way to Future Success

Shah Times' comprehensive media coverage undeniably validated the tireless efforts invested in organising Manthan, while further fortifying the resolve of The Study Lamp Team and Mussoorie Girls Inter College to empower students through unparalleled career counselling and guidance.

The resounding success of Manthan, compounded by Shah Times' media coverage, has emboldened The Study Lamp Team to explore novel collaborations and expand their reach to touch the lives of countless more students. The profound exposure garnered through media channels has invigorated their vision of nurturing young minds and instilling the necessary skills to navigate the dynamic landscape of their chosen professions successfully.

The extensive media coverage by Shah Times Newspaper, particularly its captivating feature on page 7 of the esteemed Dehradun edition, has served as a powerful amplifier of the transformative impact achieved by the Career Counselling Guidance Program - Manthan, meticulously orchestrated by The Study Lamp Team at Mussoorie Girls Inter College. Shah Times' comprehensive coverage deftly shed light on the indispensability of career counselling and guidance in shaping the lives of students.

By initiating engaging discussions and inspiring stakeholders in the field of education to prioritise career guidance programs, Manthan's resounding success, in conjunction with the media exposure, reaffirms the unwavering commitment of The Study Lamp Team and Mussoorie Girls Inter College to empower students and guide them toward triumphant and gratifying professional trajectories.

In an era where informed career choices are the bedrock of success, initiatives like Manthan serve as a guiding light for students, paving the way for them to make well-calibrated decisions and pursue their passions with unwavering confidence. The synergistic partnership between The Study Lamp Team and Shah Times exemplifies the formidable collaborative efforts aimed at transforming the lives of students and forging a brighter future through the power of career counselling and guidance.