November 12, 2021 - 6:06 am

Heavy Rain Lashes Chennai

Chennai again witnesses heavy rains caused by depression over southwest Bay of Bengal killing people and blocking several roads with stagnation of waterlogging. The Met department has issued weather alert for 8 districts. Chennai always borne the brunt of waterlogging and the government's inadequate preparations for the monsoon season.

                                    The expansions of Chennai city have been quite problematic and does not respect inland waterways of the city. Many urban planners say that this is one of the reasons for flooding in Chennai. The root cause of the city's distress during rains lies in the management of its water bodies. The unplanned growth of the city has led to the filling up of lakes and tanks and shrunk wetlands. A mass rapid transport system has severely restricted the flow in Buckingham canal, which was designed also as a protective barrier against floods and sea ingress. Over 300 lakes, tanks and canals have disappeared in the past decade, according to the administration, over 1.5 lakh illegal constructions choke the cityscape.

                                    The solution lies in preparedness to face storms, floods, see ingress. Following the floods in 2015, the state as well as the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) in their budget had announced several projects to improve the storm water drain network. A flood risk map with data from residents across the city and suburbs could help understand the reason behind and impact of flooding while also helping to arrive at solution. Chennai's strength is close to the sea level so larger conduits are required. The storm water drains are not scientifically designed according to rainfall data though officials may claim that. So when there are no natural buffers and inadequate road Infrastructure, Chennai will continue to flood.