February 24, 2022 - 5:22 am

Mumbai To Host International Olympic Committee Session In 2023

India on Saturday won the right to host the 2023 International Olympic Committee's (IOC) session in Mumbai in an unopposed race, during the 139th IOC Session in Beijing, China. India will host the session for the first time since 1983. The session will be hosted at the state-of-the-art, brand new Jio World Convention Centre situated in the heart of the city at Bandra Kurla Complex, the JWC is the largest convention centre in India and will start operations in early 2022. Mumbai received a historic 99% of the votes in favour of its bid from the delegates participating in the process, with 75 members endorsing its candidature in the session. India could possibly see the election for the host country for the 2030 Winter Olympics and sports programme for LA 2028 Olympic Games.

The Indian delegation that bid included Abhinav Bindra – India’s first individual Olympic gold medallist (Beijing 2008, shooting); Anurag Singh Thakur, Youth Affairs and Sports Minister; IOC Member Nita Ambani; and Narinder Batra, President of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA).  Ambani described it as “a significant development for the country’s Olympic aspiration”. “Sport has always been a beacon of hope and inspiration for millions around the world,” she added. “We are one of the youngest countries in the world today and I’m excited for the youth of India to embrace and experience first-hand the magic of the Olympics. It is our dream to strengthen this partnership further and host the Olympic Games in India in the years to come.”

The IOC session is the general meeting of the Members of the IOC. It is the IOC's supreme organ, and its decisions are final. An ordinary Session is held once a year, while Extraordinary Sessions may be convened by the President or upon the written request of at least one-third of the Members. The IOC has a total of 101 members with voting rights. Additionally, there are 45 honorary members and one honour member who do not have the right to vote. In addition to the members, senior Representatives (President & Secretary-General) from more than 50 International Sports Federations, (summer and winter sporting disciplines), also attend the IOC session. It discusses and decides on the key activities of the global Olympics movement including adoption or amendment of the Olympic Charter, the election of IOC members and office bearers and election of the host city of Olympics.

Mumbai’s election was the start of a new era for Indian sport, which would feature the long-term goal of hosting the Olympic Games. India is on an exciting journey and wanted the Olympic movement to play a significant part in building a brighter future for the country’s next generation. Nearly half of India’s population, over 600 million, are under 25 years of age. “This makes India one of the most crucial and exciting places to nurture and grow the Olympic Movement. Inspired by the Olympic Values Education Programme, it is our mission to identify potential talent and guide them to greatness in the world of sport. This will be a significant development for India’s Olympic aspiration and will herald the start of a new era for Indian sport.

Questions and Answers Questions and Answers

Question : In what year will India host the International Olympic Committee's IOC session?
Answers : 2023
Question : In what year did India host the IOC session?
Answers : 1983
Question : What is the name of the state of the art convention centre in India?
Answers : Jio World Convention Centre
Question : How many votes did Mumbai receive in favor of the IOC session?
Answers : 99%
Question : Who was the President of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) in 2022?
Answers : Narinder Batra
Question : How often is an ordinary session held in India?
Answers : Once a year
Question : How many of the IOC members have voting rights?
Answers : One-third
Question : How many IOC members have voting rights?
Answers : 101
Question : How many honorary members do the IOC have?
Answers : 45 and one honour member who do not have the right to vote.
Question : How many International Sports Federations are there?
Answers : 50
Question : What is the focus of the IOC session?
Answers : The global Olympics movement
Question : What city was the start of a new era for Indian sport?
Answers : Mumbai