October 5, 2021 - 9:29 am

Uneasiness Replete With Utmost Inquisitiveness

October 4, 2021 has witnessed a global outage of social networking sites Facebook and its affiliates WhatsApp and Instagram which created Buzz around the world. the officials were unaware of sudden outage and after 6 hours halt, come out with official statement stating that "faulty configuration change" led to the cause of global outage adding that its internal tools and systems were also impacted complicating attempts to diagnose and resolve the problems. 

                                         Facebook noted that their engineering teams have learnt that configuration changes on the backbone routers that co-ordinate network traffic between their data centres caused issue that interrupted this communication. This destruction to network traffic had a cascading effect on the way their data centres communicate. Experts claim that the root cause of this outage is Domain Name System(DNS) mishap. They also added that DNS stopped resolving and their infrastructure Internet Protocols(IPs) were unreachable. Also Facebook stopped announcing routes to its DNS server through Border Gateway Protocol(BGP) a mechanism to exchange routing information between autonomous systems on the internet.

                                       This outage slashed 6 million dollar to Facebook other apps such as signals were reported to have been downloaded in mass level during outage and telegram platform were being promoted. Twiterites were sharing issues on its platform for possible answers. However, It is not the first time it has happened. Earlier in 2020, the outage took place but this time it led to long hours which in turn led to heavy loss to Facebook. To stop such sort of happening in future, Facebook must look into its shortcomings and diagnose problem in no time. Or else, it may have to go through the unbearable loss. However, the outage was also a reminder about the scale at which Facebook and its affiliates conduct the people around the world and its impact. In todays competitive era, it is imperative that consumers do not have to go through any sort of unnecessary trouble without any fault of theirs.