October 13, 2021 - 5:27 am

A Futuristic Mode of Transportation is the Need of the Time

Increasing pollution in the environment causing numerous problems specially affecting human health. Also, to get rid of problems like burning fossil fuels becoming the major reason can be eliminated if we switch to alternative methods that can revive environment in its purest form and Electric Vehicle(EV) can help achieve this objective. Adopting EV will not only stop exploiting natural resources but also save lots of money that can be used for alternative development work. The coronavirus pandemic showed us that environment can revive itself but it stopped the growth of the world. EV is the remedy that can save environment and open the door for new opportunities in myriad fields. 

                                             In the financial year 2021, over 80 million vehicles were sold and out of this 1,70,000 units are electrically powered. Also, 97.5% of the electric vehicles sold in India are two-wheelers. This new industry can bring lots of opportunities for employment generation. It is expected that it can bring approximately 300 million dollar investment in electric vehicle companies of the country. The Indian government has come forward with great vigor to support this nascent industry by reducing road tax, registration fees and increasing incentive etc. To meet the target of SDG and climate change and other multilateral forums whose member is India, it is quite essential to boost EV sector. Companies like Tesla is also planning to set up a factory in India. OLA has also seen sharp rise in selling two-wheeler vehicle in the country. Seeing futuristic scope of this industry in coming years, it is attracting FDI.

                              To succeed EV industry, loopholes need to be eradicated for example shortage of charging stations, infrastructure etc. in the country. An ecosystem is requires to give it pace and amalgamation of  technologies with AI can be a milestone in it. Adopting EVs and ensuring availability of clean energy with educating people on environmental responsibility can really bring the change and India is ready to drive the change.