5XX SERVER ERROR On Facebook, Instagram And WhatApp

5XX SERVER ERROR On Facebook, Instagram And WhatApp

October 4, 2021 - 6:29 pm

The world has been reeling down under sudden outages of social networking sites: WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. The reason for this technical glitch has not been clearly mentioned yet. The officials come forward via Twitter stating that the cause of the server failure is still unknown and all necessary action is being taken to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Many skepticisms are there for these outages but what comes to the screen of Instagram is 5XX SERVER ERROR which can be deciphered in the following ways:

500 - Internal Server Error

It is the Most common found error in the server that develops in the form of a generic server error. It is presented when the real issue is not being caught by the tech.

501 - Not Implemented

This issue is generally developed when the server is not able to find the difference in the request made or it is  no able to act  on the request. this is another type of the frequent issue that is found in the server error.

502 - Bad Gateway

Bad Gateway error is shown when the server is acting as gateway or pseudo-gateway or proxy server. it is also notable that the upstream server returns an invalid response, which can be seen generally in such kind of issue.

503 - Service Unavailable

This is the most common type of error that can be found when the server is under maintenance or overloading with the data. It displayed the temporary unavailability of the website. If the user tries to return the site after some time , the issue could have been resolved in few moments of the time.

504 - Gateway Timeout

Another issue of server error that is found is 504 - Gateway Timeout. It is usually happened when the server functions as a gateway or pseudo or proxy gateway server. It is more similar type of issue like 502 server error.

However, it is difficult to conjecture to figure out what could be the best possible reason behind this downfall. it will only be clearly visible when the official brings testimony to this till then users can use alternative social platforms like signal and telegram for their social connectivity.