India’s First Electric Double-Decker Bus Was Launched In Mumbai

India’s First Electric Double-Decker Bus Was Launched In Mumbai

August 23, 2022 - 4:33 am

India's Legendary Double Decker Bus Back To Life 

India’s first electric double-decker bus was launched in Mumbai by the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST), marking the latest in the history of the iconic public transport vehicle that came to India about a century ago. Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari presented the nation's first double-decker electric bus with air conditioning in Mumbai. The Metrodecker-branded bus will be a part of the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) company's fleet.


The Origin of Double-Deckers 

The British introduced double-deckers to the city in 1937, and they ran on 26 routes up until the 1990s. The top deck of the train allowed passengers to take in Mumbai's beautiful splendour while also facilitating daily commuters' transit. At one point, there were 900 such automobiles on the road. BEST chose to phase out these inefficient buses since spare parts were becoming scarce and expensive. S Now BEST intends to gradually introduce 900 of these buses on a wet lease basis. Of these, 50% of the buses are probably going to be delivered after March 2023 and the other 25% before. 


What is Switch EiV 22?

The Switch EiV 22 is the first and only electric double-decker air-conditioned bus in India, according to Switch Mobility Ltd. India is where it was created, developed, and produced. Switch Mobility, an Ashok Leyland subsidiary. Switch EiV 22 is outfitted with cutting-edge technology, a cutting-edge design, the highest level of safety, and industry-leading comfort features. The iconic double-decker bus is being updated with the intention of revolutionising public transportation in the nation and establishing new benchmarks for the intra-city bus industry.


Features of Double-Deckers Bus

The new air-conditioned, electric double-decker bus will be the first of its kind in the world; it will have a semi-low floor, a bigger entrance on the back overhang, and a rear stairway. The recently introduced Switch bus has gorgeous interiors and exteriors, modern styling, and can carry twice as many passengers as a single-decker. They have two staircases, a wide emergency entrance, broad front and back doors, and air conditioning that relieves the passengers. It can accommodate 65 people on its chairs, each of which has a thin cushion.


BEST Current Operation

The BEST Undertaking currently operates more than 400 single-deck electric buses. The city of Mumbai's public transportation provider intends to introduce premium, app-based public transportation. According to officials, passengers will need to reserve their seats via a smartphone app, and they may need to pay more for this premium service than they would for a regular bus ride. After the suburban trains, BEST is the second most popular form of public transportation in Mumbai. 3,700 BEST services are used daily by more than 30 lakh commuters.


Reforms in Transportation

Many of the larger Indian cities had double-decker buses, some of which were painted red to mirror the ones that dot the London landscape, but they ultimately lost their lustre. Infrastructure improvements for the country's transportation system are required. The ideal alternative for urban transport is a modern electric double decker bus because they require less space per seated passenger on the road, in terminals, and in depots. The government is working to create an integrated, low-footprint, high-passenger-density EV mobility ecosystem with a focus on urban transportation reform. With rising consumer demand for greener solutions, government vision and policies are encouraging EV adoption.                                                         

India's legendary Double Decker 

We are incredibly proud to be bringing India's legendary double decker back at this time. When it initially introduced the double decker in 1967 in Mumbai, Ashok Leyland was a pioneer among Indian manufacturers, and Switch is continuing that history. With over 100 Switch electric double deckers currently in use on UK roads and our strong expertise in double deckers in both India and the UK, we are pleased to not only bring this iconic vehicle back to life but also look forward to introducing newer Electric products for the Indian and European markets, always keeping the needs of the customers in mind.

Questions and Answers Questions and Answers

Question : How long ago did the British introduce double decker buses to Mumbai?
Answers : The British introduced double-deckers to Mumbai in 1937.
Question : How many buses does BEST intend to gradually introduce?
Answers : 900
Question : What are the features of the new Switch bus?
Answers : The Switch bus is an air-conditioned, electric double-decker bus with a semi-low floor, a bigger entrance on the back overhang, and a rear stairway.
Question : How much more would passengers need to pay for a premium, app-based bus ride?
Answers : Officials have not yet determined how much more passengers would need to pay for the premium service.
Question : What is the ideal alternative for urban transport?
Answers : A modern electric double decker bus.
Question : What is the government's focus for urban transportation reform?
Answers : The government is working to create an integrated, low-footprint, high-passenger-density EV mobility ecosystem.