September 30, 2021 - 11:33 am

A Very Significant Step Towards Revolutionizing India's Health

PM Modi launched Ayushman Bharat digital mission on July 27 to revolutionize is a health care system in India. Under this mission, every citizens' health will be recorded and protected digitally by issuing a unique card so called digital ID. This digital ID will be the repository of all the information of a person related to his health. This initiative will save lots of time of the citizens like they don't have to test again and again as their information is recorded and can be accessed by the doctors concerned with the consent of citizens. With this, citizens health history can be tracked and protections of early disease can be traced easily. This is certainly going to save not only the precious time of the citizens but also their money.

                                   keeping privacy in view which is a major challenge has a distinctive way to overcome this for instance if anyone who is not interested giving his record digitally or unhappy with any sort of problem faced, he can log out of it and this in turn will eliminate all the information related to him and no one can access to his data. Whenever the citizen feels he can resume his ID and recover his all the past records. Many compares this with digital payment sort of revolution which revolutionized Indian payment pattern and this digital health mission seems to follow the footprints of it.

                                               This unprecedented move will definitely shape India's destiny in new way and resolve issues what may come ahead can make a role model for other countries as well. At present, a lot of patients don't timely or right care due to the lack of information, with the digital ID doctors will be able to make informed and precise decisions. This further proves to be of great advantage in the treatment of contagion like Covid-19 where contact less digital sharing of records is better than carrying them the physical format. To handle the second largest country's health is really a big deal and this mission is nothing less than a boon to our nation.