January 18, 2022 - 8:26 am

Indian Army Gets New uniform

    On January 15, the new combat uniform of the Indian Army made its debut appearance with the soldiers of the elite parachute regiment marching on Army Day marking 74th Army Day celebrations, in New Delhi. The new uniform has been designed by the country’s top fashion institute the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), in partnership with the Indian Army. The Indian Army has been planning to change the pattern as well as the material used in the uniform to make it easy and comfortable to be worn by men and women in the Army.

    The main changes in the new uniform, compared to the old one that has been in use since 2008, are with regard to the camouflage pattern, design, and the use of a new material. While the new unique camouflage pattern retains the combination of the same colors — olive green and earthen shades — the pattern is digital now. It has been designed keeping in mind the many kinds of operational conditions that the soldiers function in, from deserts to high-altitude areas, jungles and plains. It is going to be a combination of cotton and polyester and it will be in a ratio of 70:30. With this combination it will be easy to wear in different weather conditions, rain or heat as it will dry up easily and fast and is lightweight. It will be more durable in summer and winters.

    The new uniform will not be tucked in. and there will be a T-shirt inside. The pattern is a digital disruptive pattern and more like a pixilated design. The uniform is multi-terrain friendly and it is not just a combination of colors but actually acts as a camouflage. For, the women officers, there are slight modifications made. The “jacket”, as the shirt is called, has angular top pockets, lower pockets with vertical openings, knife pleats at the back, a pocket on the left sleeve, a pen holder on the left forearm, and improved-quality buttons. The trousers will be adjustable at the waist with elastic and buttons, and has a double layer at the groin. For the caps, the girth will be adjustable, and the logo of the Army will be of better quality than earlier. For the first time, a modified version of the uniform has been developed keeping in mind the specific requirements of lady officers and troops of the Army.

    To control random proliferation, the new uniform will come in over a dozen pre-stitched standard sizes. The uniforms will be bar-coded and QR coded to maintain their uniqueness, and will be available only through the ordnance chain or military canteens. The new changes have been carried out after wide ranging discussions with the stakeholders, studying the uniforms of several other countries. It must be noted that only the combat uniform has been changed. The Army has several uniforms, including the olive greens, as it is called, for peace area postings, and ceremonial uniforms.