September 27, 2021 - 10:05 am

Shared Interest in Changing Times

    After arrival of India's PM from the US has been welcome back with great enthusiasm. As this visit paves the path for future's course of action between the two nations. The PM states that India is the mother of all democracies. We should also remember that the US is the oldest democracy in the world. The two greatest democracies of the world have a lot to share with each other and to teach others. 

     The Indo - US relation has been quite up from a couple of decades ago. During UPA rule, the Indo - US nuclear deal and establishment of QUAD worked as ice-breaker for the commencement of new era in evolving times and QUAD 2.0 is seen as an opportunity to build the relation robust. In today's changing geo-politics, where China asserts itself emphatically all over the world and especially challenging the US hegemony brings India - US together and forming multilateral groups with other regional partners to corner or dominate China. For the US , India is an inevitable partner not only in south Asia but also in Indo-pacific region where the US feels frightened from China's dominance in pacific region; whereas, for India, the US reflects it's important to help India in achieving its growing aspirations.

    India heads for itself a permanent seat in the UN security council which is unachievable without US' supports, and it is also very imperative to challenge growing tensions with Pak, China and, now, Afghanistan. Both the nations with shared goals and interest can achieve the milestone together. Both the partners seek each other co-operations in diverse fields for instance trade, technology, marine security, climate change, terrorism etc.

    Indian diaspora living in the US is also a support for India and US' silicon valley investment in India does vice-a-versa to the US. With changing times, the two greatest democracies have also narrowed down their differences and opening multiple channels to improve their relations like 2+2 dialogue, changing H1B1 visa-rule for Indians and  sharing defense equipment etc.

    A new perspective in strengthening two democracies with shared interest needs to be taken in a new height and bolster each other to overcome challenges coming in their ways. India must maintain its diplomacy decisively to project itself as torch bearer for others.