September 24, 2021 - 6:04 am

The QUAD consists of four countries namely the US, Japan, India and Australia, is an informal group formed in 2004 after Tsunami hit the Indian ocean region. After a decade, it raised its eyebrow seeking China's assertiveness in India Pacific region which brought these countries together to deter China's growing tension. In last November 2020, the four countries participated in the joint Navy exercise and this March had a virtual meeting which signifies its importance in changing dynamics in the geopolitics.

               QUAD, now, sees itself as a plurilateral forum and extends not only in humanitarian and  economic grounds but also in security and seeks to open in more fields. Its importance can be seen when we witness the AUKUS Group grow finds its inner circle within the QUAD. The Indo-Pacific accounts major trade route for the countries and China's assertiveness poses a serious threat among all the nations of the world especially the US which alone accounts 42% of the world exports and 38% global imports. To counter China, it is also essential for India to keep the body firm and also figure out other multilateral forum to check the challenges in the regions.

        India's pivotal positions in the Indo Pacific region may be appropriate if the Quad summit in 2022 is hosted by New Delhi. It is also very important for India to play a significant role in Quad and present itself as emerging super power.