December 2, 2021 - 10:27 am

Cherishing History 

To mark the commencement of World Heritage Week celebrations, the Archaeological Survey of India on Thursday issued an order and said the entry of centrally protected historical monuments and sites should be free for tourists. The entry charge is being waived to mark the 'World Heritage Week' held during November 19 to 25 by the UNESCO. At present, 3,691 monuments across India are protected by the ASI, with the highest number, 745, in UP. Among these 143 sites and monuments are ticketed.

                             It's objective is to make people aware of the rich heritage and also strive for its preservation. The Archaeological Survey of India and several other museums organise programs highlighting the significance of ancient monuments and their significance of ancient monuments and their preservation. Various programs related to historical structures, places and cultural and traditional heritage of the country were initiated to celebrate the week. Several schools and colleges celebrated it by organising quiz and painting competitions. The Heritage sites celebrating the week include Qutub Minar, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Delhi Red Fort among others.

                             The communication process across the generations of Heritage practitioners generates enriching exchanges. Even to combine the knowledge of experienced practitioners with the newer members will bring a more holistic approach to ongoing initiatives. Therefore, to celebrate World Heritage Dayy is an opportunity to emphasise the importance of safeguarding, conservative and preserving our heritage. Various conferences related to preserving our heritage, culture, lectures, training sessions, round-table discussions, poster sessions etc will pave the importance of Heritage and celebrates it on a wider scale.