March 31, 2022 - 9:25 am

Finland Tops For 5th Straight Year, India At 136

    The United Nations has released its 10th annual World Happiness Report—just days ahead of the annual International Day of Happiness on March 20. The fact that Finland, long a “buffer” state between Russia and the West, is crowned the happiest country in the world for the fifth consecutive year should give Ukrainians and the rest of us, pause. On the other hand, Afghanistan held the last position as the most unhappy country of the world.

       The World Happiness Report—which ranks global happiness in more than 150 countries around the world—is released every year by the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network. The statisticians base the ranking on data from the Gallup World Poll and several other factors, including levels of GDP, life expectancy and more. The list, which is in its 10th year, assigns a score on a scale of 0-10, based on an average of data over a three-year-period. With the world entering the third year of the pandemic, the report has three areas of focus in 2022: looking back; looking at how people and countries are doing in the face of Covid-19; and looking ahead to how the science of well-being is likely to evolve in the future.

            Although India (136) improved its position in the list compared to last year, it ranks lower than its neighbours such as China, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan. Russia and Ukraine, currently at war with each other, have been ranked 80 and 98 respectively. The 2022 rankings, however, were compiled much before Russia, on February 24, launched invasion of its neighbour. United States at 16th (up from 19th last year), the United Kingdom, and Czechia still in 17th and 18th, followed by Belgium at 19th and France at 20th, its highest ranking yet. The three biggest gains were in Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania. The biggest losses were in Lebanon, Venezuela, and Afghanistan. The top places in India with high Happiness Rankings are Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Chandigarh, Delhi, and Goa.

                On an average, the latest report states, there has been a long-term moderate upward trend in stress, worry, and sadness in most countries and a slight long-term decline in the enjoyment of life.  Separately, it observed experiences of balance, peace and calm are more prevalent in Western countries as compared to countries in East Asia. Further, the western countries also experience higher levels of satisfaction. Irrespective, majority of people in almost every country prefer a calmer life to an exciting one, the report mentions. “But that preference is no higher in Eastern countries than elsewhere. However, it is particularly high in the poorer countries, especially in Africa, where actual calm is low,” the report reads. Over the years, happiness has become a key metric to track for not just countries but corporates as well. Several progressive workplace, including Google, Amazon and Airbnb, have appointed Chief Happiness Officers.

                It is prevailing international hypocrisy of happiness, preaching virtue and projecting violence, speaking of peace and waging war, proclaiming love and spreading hate, hugging trees and polluting the air. Wellbeing may be achieved through “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness”, but only in tandem with, not at the expense of another individual, nation, race or gender or generation’s “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness”.

Questions and Answers Questions and Answers

Question : Which country is crowned the happiest in the world for the fifth consecutive year in 2022 ?
Answers : Finland
Question : Which country held the last position as the most unhappy country of the world in 2022?
Answers : Afghanistan
Question : How many countries are in the World Happiness Report 2022?
Answers : 150
Question : What poll shows the ranking of global happiness in more than 150 countries around the world?
Answers : Gallup World Poll
Question : What is the scale of the World Happiness Report?
Answers : 0-10
Question : What is the name of the world's 10th annual World Happiness Report?
Answers : Covid19
Question : When did Russia invade its neighbour Ukraine ?
Answers : February 24 2022
Question : In what years did Czechia rank in the World Happiness Report 2022?
Answers : 17th and 18th
Question : What does the western countries experience?
Answers : Higher levels of satisfaction
Question : Which progressive workplaces have appointed Chief Happiness Officers?
Answers : Google, Amazon and Airbnb