December 5, 2021 - 3:03 pm

To Serve One Another By Love

The International Volunteer Day (IVD), also called International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development is observed on 5 December every year. It is an opportunity to celebrate and thank people all around the world who dedicate their precious time and efforts to voluntary service. IVD 2021 theme: "volunteer now for a common future".

                            IVD on 5 December was designated by the United Nations in 1985 as an international observance day to celebrate the power and potential of voluntarism. It is an opportunity for volunteers and volunteer organisations to raise awareness of and gain understanding for the contributions they make to their communities. It is also viewed as a unique chance for volunteers and organisations to celebrate their efforts to share their values and to promote their work among communities, NGOs, United Nations agencies, government authorities and the private sector.

                            When people are encouraged to get involved in solving problems, the solutions are more likely to be feasible and lasting. Volunteers engage communities and build a people-centric movement to help build a better and safer future for us all. The act of volunteering is found in all cultures, languages and religion. Each year, hundreds of millions of people volunteer their time and skills to help make the world a better place. When they volunteer, they help to improve the lives of others. And when they volunteer, they also gain a greater sense of belonging to their communities. On 5 December, people around the world will celebrate, IVD with rallies, parades, volunteer fairs, group clean ups blood donations, conferences, exhibitions, fundraising workshops and volunteer recognition is events.

                            We are deeply proved of our incredible volunteers who save lives and strive for shared humanity every single day. Even though the scale of today's challenges - be it covid-19, the climate crisis or the dangers faced by communities at risk of disaster - can feel overwhelming, there is hope. Hope in the form of countless acts of kindness from one person to another. Because wherever and whenever there is a crisis, there is a volunteer ready to support those affected. Their commitment never wavers and their compassion has no limits. They are unstoppable.