September 29, 2021 - 8:32 am

After joining the Congress party by Kanhaiya Kumar and Jignesh Mewani, murmuring started happening in the politics of India. It's not like that it has happened the first time, changing parties have always been since 1967. Mere saying opportunists will not be sufficient to conclude it, rather a big picture needs to be visualized in the political spectrum of India.

Changing from one party to another raises many questions and the future of party is also one of them. Whenever a party is formed, it gives hope to people for their welfare. its spawns many leaders with a set of ideologies which is contradicted after the switched to other parties. It also disturbs the party's momentum and obstructs in the business as well, and top of that it harms the growth of the country. However, to get rid of these problems, the parliament enacted the Anti-Defection law which objectivizes to stop it. Initially, it brought some sort of relief from the problem but it could not achieve its milestone as thought so. It's time to rethink on the Anti-Defection law and to make it more robust, we need to work on it. For instance, disqualifying a member for contesting election for the next 10 years or with heavy penalty or deprive them from facilities etc.

Now, we know whenever election approaches, there is sharp rise in changing sides are witnessed. To stop it, either the government or the Election Commission need to come forward with the certain guidelines or rules to curb to such activities. Leaders also must understand and set the principles on morals high grounds. Party also should not induct leaders coming from another parties into theirs. If intention is clear to reform the conditions, nothing can stop the parliamentarian enacting such stringent act to curb this menace. There is an adage "where there is will, there is a way". Keeping this thing in mind, we need to step forward in the direction of making the country better in all the perspectives.