October 23, 2021 - 10:06 am

A Welcome Step

A new clever manouvre by the Congress party of promise of 40% Congress tickets to women in Uttar Pradesh upcoming election created a buzz in the poll-bound States. This move is likely to propel its campaign and make up as a breather for the much-weakened party which has been attempting to gain a foothold in the state over the last 2 years.

                                 'Women's Reservation Bill', has been pending in the lok sabha since 1996, promised to give 33% representation to women in parliament and in the state assemblies. The bill couldn't see the light due to fear of constituencies for women in the rotational agreement envisaged in the bill. However, in the last 75 years of independence, women's representation in parliament has gone up from 5 % in the first parliament to an ''impressive'' 14% in the present lok sabha.

                                  Women are emerging as a vote bank and they cannot be ignored. Young Indian women represent aspirational India possibly more than any grouping today. Given half a chance, they bring a new energy into our stagnant politics, and more it towards delivery of basic needs-health, nutrition, education and livelihood. The shackles of caste politics and religion should be broken by women's participation.

                                   History has been dominated by men & the role of women has not been much appreciated. 40% seats may bring a spark in the society. Whether it will be successful or not remains to be seen. Many are critical to this and do not see any salubrious; whereas many appreciate this and find it a change which is need of the today's time. Women have been doing better whenever given opportunity. one should always remember this adage that 'hands that shook the cradle can rule the world.'