October 7, 2021 - 7:34 am

An Outstanding Outlook to View on

Geographical indication for GI tag is a sign used on products that have special geographical origin and poses qualities or a reputation that are due to origin. It exposes multi-cultural ethos, authenticity, ethnicity attribute to the world. In growing country like India, GI tag can prove to be a milestone in increasing the economy of the country. The nascent industry can be propelled with the help of digital commerce and AI technology. Moreover, it can bring or improve the participation of workers in employment generations. Women also can contribute by bringing their skills to the front and even run their own businesses without affecting their household lives. This in turn can help them generate their income as well. During lockdown many migrant workers went back to their villages and they didn't have proper system to support then in channeling their income at right their respective places. Here, GI ecosystem can bring the change. It can stop migration and reduce burden in urban areas and can aid them in making their lives better.

                                    At present, MSME accounts for 31% of the GDP and 45% of the export. The GI ecosystem can bring more participation in this field. There are other areas like tourism, crafts, agriculture etc. can bring revolutionary changes in coming years. The Government must come forward to support them like giving the facilities of easy access credit, forming market linkages, R&D, capacity building etc. it will also bring investments and thus, It will create an atmosphere of competitiveness in both domestic and international markets and that support system will also bolster the Skill India campaign and fulfill the dream of Make in India program.

                                                  The GI ecosystem can take India into new height like The Green Revolution, The GI Revolution can also set the standards as such. The GI Ecosystem will act as turbocharger for India's economy. The dream of our freedom fighters making country the self sufficient seems to be fulfilled with this GI ecosystem.