October 19, 2021 - 8:46 am

A Fear In The Mind Of Oblivion

Recently, a spark took place that Amazon the giant US company was termed as ''East India company 2.0.'' It is farcical to compare Amazon with the East India company as Amazon doesn't fit and qualify in any sense to act like the East India company. It is foolish to think so as the condition of that time when the EIC took control over India was under Mughal and with the passage of time didn't take birth as nation. Today, such condition prevails nowhere. To maintain checks and balances, we have the Competition Commission of India. If there is an iota of something like this happens, it can alarm but these effete talks are baseless as India today stands as strong nation which is difficult not only for any company but also for any nation to upend its sovereignty. 

                                  It is not the first time such remarks are made; earlier Saudi Arabia company Aramco which was termed with the same remark. For a country like India which is to be developed exponentially needs to have capital and investment to speed up its pace in growth. By propagating such wrongful remarks will prevent the company for independent investment and scare away to set up shop in the country like the Saudi cooling Steel major Pocso. In1991 by opening the gate for companies to invest here has has led us to become one of the greatest and fastest growing countries in the world. In today's global Era, we need to work together to forsake narrow approach that no longer serves any purpose in country's aggrandizement.

                             This should teach every Indian—the politician, public intellectual, man in the street, everyone—three lessons. First, MNCs are not East India Company 2.0; they are not the instruments of economic exploitation or agents of imperialism. Second, socialism, with its obsession for distribution or redistribution, is hostile to wealth creation. Third, economic policy has to be kept immune from sentimentalism. If these lessons are imbibed, we need not worry from anything.