Liz Truss Defeats Rishi Sunak To Become UK's New Prime Minister

Liz Truss Defeats Rishi Sunak To Become UK's New Prime Minister

September 9, 2022 - 5:11 am

Britain's Foreign Secretary Liz Truss Replaces Boris Johnson as UK’s PM

A 47-year-old Britain's Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has won the race by defeating 42-year-old former finance minister Rishi Sunak to replace Boris Johnson as the UK’s next Prime Minister. With 82% of Conservative members voting, Ms. Truss defeated former Chancellor Rishi Sunak with a vote share of 57%, or 81,326 votes, to Sunak's 42%, or 60,399 votes. Truss will be the third woman PM of the UK after Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May and the fourth prime minister in six years. Truss is eager to rule in the mould of the infamously direct and independent iconoclast, whose reputation still causes division in this nation, as she makes her way to No. 10 Downing Street. With her triumph, she will become the third female president of the nation. She begins her employment at a period when the UK is already dealing with significant economic and energy problems.


Liz Truss’ Biography

Liz Truss, full name is Mary Elizabeth Truss, was born on 26 July 1975 in Oxford, England. From Southwest Norfolk, truss is produced. Her mother was a nurse, a teacher, and an active member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, while her father, John Kenneth, was a well-known professor of pure mathematics at the University of Leeds. Truss went to Paisley Renfrewshire, West Primary School, and afterwards Roundhay School for higher education. She spent a year in Canada for higher study, where she commended the curriculum for being well-organized and how it helped her develop personally. Elizabeth received her diploma from Oxford in 1996. As president of the Liberal Democrats at Oxford University and a member of the national executive council of the Liberal Democrat Youth and Students, Truss acquired an interest in matters of state. Liz was a vocal opponent of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act of 1994 and supported the legalisation of marijuana and the overthrow of the monarchy. She was also an active member of the Liberal Democrats. There are many highs and lows in Liz's personal life. He and Hugh O'Leary's marriage was dogged by controversy. Liz married another accountant with whom she has two daughters.


Liz Truss in Conservative Party

In 1996, Liz Truss formally enrolled in the Conservative Party. However, his father did not agree with her decision to run for office in the Parliament as a conservative. Before entering politics, she worked as an accountant for Shell and Cable & Wireless. Truss was involved in student politics while attending Oxford University, where she studied philosophy, politics, and economics. The minister for women and equalities under the conservative leader. Liz Truss got 57 % of member votes, compared to Boris Johnson getting 66.4 % in 2019, David Cameron 67.6 % in 2005 and Iain Duncan Smith 60.7 % in 2001. 


Liz Truss’ Upcoming Policy

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss is seen as a libertarian, kept the economic policy pronouncements vague during her leadership campaign and first speech as Prime Minister, but she did set out some principles that will dictate her approach economic policy making: Despite some experts' warnings that the move could cause inflation in Britain, which is already at a 40-year high, to spike even more, she aims to slash taxes, as the U.K. teeters on the brink of recession, dislikes “handouts," and will unleash supply-side reforms to drive growth and she’ll also support the ailing National Health Service and increase defence spending. So far, so Thatcherite —or rather Reaganite. But in the current economic climate, her thinking has been characterised as “fantasy economics." Truss initially campaigned against Brexit, which Johnson championed, but she changed her mind, nevertheless, after the public referendum in favour of leaving the EU. As leader, she has promised to repeal many of the EU laws that bound Britain as a member of the group, including labour and environmental laws that she views as being out of date. Truss has also spoken out against the "woke" mentality she claims exists in the British civil service.


UK-India Roadmap

A comprehensive multifaceted plan to strengthen connections termed the "2030 UK-India Roadmap" was introduced last year and is currently being used to negotiate a free trade deal between India and the U.K., which currently has roughly GBP 25.7 billion ($29.6 billion) in bilateral commerce. In its March 2021 Integrated Review of Security, Defence, and Development Policy, the United Kingdom also declared a "Indo-Pacific tilt." IMF predictions indicate that India has overtaken the United Kingdom to become the world's fifth-largest economy.

The Road Ahead for UK

Despite Johnson's expulsion from the Conservative Party, the new prime minister appears to be committed to continuing Johnson's populist policies. Although Truss has been likened to Thatcher, her detractors think she is more like her predecessor. Like her predecessor, Truss is known for making off-the-cuff jokes and acting in ways that can cause others to take notice. One of the most diverse Cabinets in the UK has been presented by Prime Minister Liz Truss, with important front-line positions going to members of Parliament from ethnic minorities, including Suella Braverman, an Indian-origin Home Secretary. Now, the upcoming days are quite challenging for Truss to sail the UK.

Questions and Answers Questions and Answers

Question : What is Liz Truss' position in the UK government?
Answers : Liz Truss is the Foreign Secretary of the UK.
Question : Who is Liz Truss?
Answers : Liz Truss is a British politician who has been appointed as the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
Question : Why did Truss go to Canada for higher study?
Answers : Truss went to Canada for higher study in order to gain a better understanding of the curriculum and how it could help her develop personally.
Question : What was Liz Truss's formal enrollment status in the Conservative Party in 1996?
Answers : She was formally enrolled as a member.
Question : What was Liz Truss's previous occupation before entering politics?
Answers : Liz Truss worked as an accountant for Shell and Cable & Wireless.
Question : What is Liz Truss's economic policy?
Answers : Liz Truss plans to slash taxes, increase defence spending, and repeal many of the EU laws that bound Britain as a member of the group.