October 9, 2021 - 10:57 am

 Leaves Many With Speculation Over Its Future

The recent elections in Germany have brought everyone bewildered as none party came off with majority. However, the left-of-centre Social Democratic Party(SPD) emerges as the largest party. Merkel's party so called right-of-centre Christian Democrats which led a coalition government for 16 years under her leadership is in second place. By virtue of being a coalition, the new government is likely to remain moderate and Merkel's likely successor Olaf Scholz of SPD has a lot to pull his socks up.

                                           Merkel's role as chancellor of Germany is quite remarkable and her achievement to handle numerous problems in Germany as well as in Europe is much commendable. Germany under her leadership took the challenge of mitigation of rising temperature in climate ambition target, her sticking points have always been IPRs and labour and environment. Moreover, handling of corona pandemic, maintaining its GDP growth, R&D, demand for seat in the UN security council and reforms in UN along with G4 nations, are outstanding contribution of Merkel's rule. After excelling in automobile sector and myriad fields Germany under Merkel started research stations on improving the efficiency of solar panels. Germany also maintains crucial role in keeping your European intact after the UK's exit from the European union. It also improved its ties with many countries including India. Over 2000 companies in India are functioning on in India and expanding their footprints. India receives 14 billion dollar as FDI and with the help of 2+2 dialogue both countries can open more possibilities. This is despite the fact that Germany is in the same league as the US, China and Japan as far as outbound FDI are concerned.

                                               The world will remember Merkel for being a balanced, decisive leader who held the European Union together amidst BREXIT and Euro debt crisis of 2011 while pulling Germany out of an economics lump at the turn of the century. Merkel showed human side during Syrian conflict by opening door for refugees. Her successor has high standard to live up to.