China's New Covid Cases Sudden Surge Alarms Worldwide

China's New Covid Cases Sudden Surge Alarms Worldwide

December 21, 2022 - 9:50 am

Will India Be Impacted By Covid-19 Resurgence?

With sudden surge in covid cases in China stuns the world and puts everyone to rethink as to how the next coronavirus wave can be tackled if it comes amid other growing concerns of many challenges the world face at this point of time. The situation in China has been worsening with increased cases, reported hospitalization and deaths. The World Health Organisation (WHO) also comes forward with warning that the world needs to battle covid-19 infections and its emerging variants until all countries are covered with high vaccination. 

Surge of Covid Cases in China

China has been witnessing the surge in corona cases since it has relaxed zero-covid policy following rare public protests. Infections took a great height then onwards with new record levels in the first two weeks of this month. According to a Reuters report, China reported its total death count to 5,242. Just about 2,700 new cases were reported on Monday, substantially lower than nearly 40,000 cases that were being reported a couple of weeks ago. Several media stories, however, gave the impression that the situation was much worse. Some health experts estimate that 60% of people in China - 10% of the world's population -  which is about 8 billion which is a very big number - could be infected over the coming months, and more than a million could succumb to the infection. Given low vaccination and booster rates, a lack of hybrid immunity, and low vaccination rates, if China reverses its "Zero Covid" policy, between 1.3 and 2.1 million lives may be at risk.

Condition of  Coronavirus Across the Globe

A sudden spike in Covid-19 cases has been seen in several countries around the world, dominated by the Delta, Omicron or the new BA.2 variant. In the last week, 7% of new coronavirus cases have increased globally. The stage is being laid for a resurgence of the pandemic by a new alarming variety. Although the increase has only been observed in China, there are concerns that it may also spread to other nations given that international travel is currently almost back to pre-Covid levels. The likelihood that the virus will change into more hazardous versions is an even bigger worry, given the high rate of infections in China.

India's Response on New Covid Surge

Mansukh Mandaviya, the Union Minister of Health, scheduled a high-level meeting to assess India's preparation and degree of alertness as other Asian nations report another spike in Covid-19 cases. India has only recently begun to recover from the third wave of the pandemic, which was led by Omicron. A notice to all states and union territories to ramp up genome sequencing as the sudden surge in Covid cases in countries pose a threat of the looming fourth wave of Covid pandemic. Apart from this, all the necessary steps will be taken care of like before if need arises. Experts have warned everyone not to worry despite the fact that the Indian government is also in alert mode.

Covid's Impact Ahead

The increase in Covid cases is quite concerning given that Christmas, New Year's, and the Lunar New Year are just around the corner. The busiest travel period in China often occurs during the Lunar New Year, which comes on January 22. Without limitations, the issue is predicted to get worse in the following weeks, with the number of Covid-19 cases already on the rise. The Christmas and New Year's celebrations, as well as the impending busy travel season, have raised concerns about a new wave of Covid. No travel limitations have been announced as of yet, including in India. Depending on how the epidemic spreads, the scenario can alter.