Feedbacks by Counselling Beneficiaries (29)

Sapna Chamiyal | 27, Jul, 2022

"Thank you so much to Sawan Chandra sir to clear all my doubts and understand me in better way. I was not sure about my career but after attending counselling session with Seema mam and Sawan Chandra sir, now I am clear about my career. it was my first session in The Study Lamp."

Luv Sati | 14, Jul, 2022

"Thank you Mr. Sawan Chandra sir for your guidance. The first session was good. He is very comfortable to talk to. I am that kind of person who cannot share his feelings despite this he somehow understood what I couldn't tell."

Ishika Bhatt | 14, Jul, 2022

"Thankyou Mr. Sawan chandra sir for being empathetic and thankyou for listening all my concerns. Had a really good experience. Nice and compassionate people with a good and soothing environment."

Ishika Bhatt | 14, Jul, 2022

"Had a really good experience. Nice and compassionate people with a good and soothing environment."

Akansha Tandon | 12, Jul, 2022

"My session was really amazing ,it was my first session and they understood things from my point of view and gave me helpful advices. Thanks to Mr Sawan Sir and Ms. seema for the counseling session."

Akansha Tandon | 12, Jul, 2022

"My session was really amazing ,it was my first session and they understood things from my point of view and gave me helpful advices. Thanks to Mr. Sawan sir and Ms. Seema for the counseling session."

Shriyanshi Trikha | 01, Jul, 2022

"Thankyou so much TSL for clearing my doubts , I was so confused but your guidance really helped me a lot . Now i know what is best for me and that's only because of Seema di and TSL . Thanks a lot ."

Shivam Chauhan | 30, Jun, 2022

"With a sincere heart, I would like to say thank you to miss. Anupa Tandon & sawan Chandra sir for spending your valuable time with me. The discussions we had gave me comfort, hope, and courage to move on with life no matter the circumstance. Once again, thank you for your words of wisdom and helping me navigate towards a successful career."

Sushant Choudhary | 29, Jun, 2022

"I had an amazing experience visiting here. The people were friendly and welcoming. Sir has helped me to understand what affects me. He also showed me how to be more positive. He suggested me ways to overcome my weakness. He motivated me too. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone to visit atleast once."

Komal Ramola | 28, Jun, 2022

"Thank you everyone there for helping me speacial thanks to mr. sawan chandra sir who helped me making my doubts clear about my life. It felt so good talking to you .once again thank you ."

Kuldeep Kandari | 28, Jun, 2022

"Had a great experience to visit TSL's office, the behaviour of all the staff was very nice. Mr. Sawan sir explanation about my inner self was new concept to me which I like very much, which help in clearing my doubt regarding my problems. Thank u Chandra sir for giving me a new way of thinking in doubts."

Ms Anjali | 28, Jun, 2022

"i will thank sawan sir for helping me to get over from evry problem of my life and this time he helped to find ways for getting my path for bright career. he guided me as always he does. A big thanks to you sir. you are the best teacher ,mentor, my friend, best human , wholely best package .a student or a person definitely want in their life."

Sakshi Trikha | 27, Jun, 2022

"Me. Sawan Chandra was very easy to talk to and gave me ways that worked best for me and I came out refreshed and motivated. I was so worried about my present situation and couldn't find a way out. He didn't only help me build up confidence and suggested ways to stay on the optimistic path to reach my goal. I recommend Sawan Chandra sir to you all too. I will be hoping to consult and thank him once I reach the goal. Big Thanks to TSL and Sir! I would furthermore, I would like to thank Anjali and Anupa for comforting me and cheering me up. I very well appreciate the guidance of Ms Anjali, She was so kind, enthusiastic, and jolly and only her mere energy filled the room with positivity."

Sandhya Sajwan | 26, Jun, 2022

"Thanku so much sir , for guide me in very good manner that no one can define,ln this era of life yor are the one who guide me about my carrier where l am so confused what to do ?and how to do it , but now l realise the worth or my carrier in a different way. Thanku so much sir, Anjali and Anupamaa too ,thanku for your support."

NITESH AGNIHOTRI | 26, Jun, 2022

"Hi there, I am Nitesh Agnihotri and i visited the study in order to get myself counclelled. I am really satisfied with the my councling and the advices they gave me were very practical and easy to implement. Thank you THE STUDY LAMP."

Aryan Kumar | 25, Jun, 2022

"Hey! I paid my first visit at The Study Lamp few days back. Actually, I was quite spontaneous until I met Mr.Sawan Chandra,he made me comfortable by greeting me well and then we went for the session. I had a very good time with you people.The way you interacted & Ms.Anupa took my doubts provided me a sense of enthusiasm & valour. With all this, I hope that one day I could make out the best of Me from myself. Thankyou!"

Mansi Dhiman | 25, Jun, 2022

"It was amazing to visit TSL's office . Earlier i was very confused in choosing career and even I don't know what i actually want in my life . but Thankyou so much SAWAN CHANDRA sir for guiding me so well and keeping no. of best career choices in front of me. It was really nice to talk to you. Soon to have another counseling session with you. THANK YOU"

Aarju Shukla | 25, Jun, 2022

"Thank you so much Sawan Chandra sir for clearing all my doubts about my career I was so confused about my life and career but by your consultant I am really foucus on my goal now..."

Varun Neb | 23, Jun, 2022

"Kuldeep Sir, my first mentor in the IT industry. He guided me the things like how to handle the project, and how you can debug the error, and till now he helps me with his guidance. I always believe you need good guidance in your life, and he is always there but more, he is like my brother. Thank you for everything. Now I am following the same with my team."

Anupa Tandon | 15, Jun, 2022

"Thankyou so much Sawan sir for helping me out and giving me the best guidance that I needed in my career , before meeting you I was really confused or unaware of my potential but after meeting , you're guidance gave me that strength and conviction , that how capable I am . So, thanks a lot sir for understanding and I ' m glad that I take the best decision of taking Professional career counseling from Sawan Chandra sir ."

Himani Singh | 14, Jun, 2022

"Thank you "Sawan Chandra Sir" to clear my career doubts, I was confused about my career what I do?, but sir told me and explained. I felt great talking to him now I know what to do. "Thank you so much Mr. Sawan Chandra sir for being a good mentor and for guiding me on the right path. You are the one who helped me decide what I want to do in my career so thank you so much for that. You are such a great counselor."

Ritika Bhakuni | 14, Jun, 2022

"In todays Era many people are confused regarding there career . A lot of thoughts run in our mind and several people confuse us in giving different suggestions regarding our career it makes more confusion leading us taking wrong decisions in our life . But after being a part to TSL and meeting Chandra sir i came to several things about me and now i know about my primary goal. A BIG THANKS TO CHANDRA SIR."

Vishal Kumar | 07, Jun, 2022

"Kuldeep Singh one of the best teachers in the IT lobby. He can guide you and motivate you like nobody else can. He has an incredible gift for teaching. He makes coding easier to understand and learn. His teachings make a huge impact on the skills of a learner."

Garvita Arora | 26, May, 2022

"Mr. Sawan Chandra sir you are the best mentor I have ever came accross to. You are the one who helped me decide what I want to do in my career so thank you so much for that. Thanks for guiding me and teaching me. Today if I know what I want to do in the future then that's only because of you. You and Shweta di are and always be the best teacher for me."

Niharika Garg | 26, May, 2022

"Thank you so much Mr. Sawan Chandra sir for being a good mentor and for guiding me on the right path.It would be impossible to count all the ways you've helped me in my career.Thanks for opening my eyes to new stages of opportunity and strength. Your advice and guidance helped me think through my situation.It was a huge help. Thank you so much sir once again for your time and attention."

Rajveer Singh | 14, Mar, 2022

"Thank you sir for your guidance. You are amazing at what you do! Your passion and dedication is beyond words! I just want to thank for the wonderful apportunity you have provide to me. Thank you sir once again. Your faithfully Rajveer singh. "

Abhijit Singh | 13, Mar, 2022

"Thank you Mr. Sawan Chandra sir to clear my stream selection doubt. I was very confused when my 11th class was about to start because I wanted to take stream without medical but my parents wanted that I take medical stream but now I completed my 11 class without medical stream and it's happen just because of you. A big thank you for explaining my parents and for converting their favour to my side. ????"

Sonika Bhandari | 12, Mar, 2022

"Thankyou Mr. Sawan Chandra to clear my career doubts, I was so confused and lost my path but you enlighten that with career counselling experty and now I am really enjoying my work in creative field. So thankyou sooo, soo much, you made my life......"

Amreen Khan | 17, Nov, 2021

"It was easy for me to define my career path as in our society lot of things are confusing the mind of persons like our parents usually force to do the things those other persons are doing no one is considering about the individual person skill and interest but I glad that Mr. Sawan Chandra sir guided me and now I am fully focused towards my goal. A big thanks to TSL and Chandra sir!"