Standard Career Counselling and Guidance

Standard Career Counselling and Guidance

Budget Friendly Career Counselling Plan

  • Personality Analysis and Assessment
  • DMIT Test
  • 2 Dimensional Assessment with Professional Psychologists
  • Consultation with Academic Expert
  • Field Guidance by Field Expert, If required
  • PDF Report ( WhatsApp + Email )
  • 4-6 Steps Process
  • 45-60 Min Required

Consultation Charges

₹ 999 ₹ 2500

*inclusive of 18% GST

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What is Standard Career Counselling?

Finding the right path for a successful life is always challenging for a person. With the help of the Standard Career Counselling process of psychologists discussion round, academic experts round, and field experts discussion round, a person can find the best way out of the problems and get the right path to success. Here, The Study Lamp provides the opportunity for all to make their career brighter and more successful with its expertise in professional career consultation services.

Why it is important?

Many people wants to ask their personal questions and to resolve their issues which beyond the scientific tests and measurements. Every question has a unique answer. Here, The Study Lamp introduces Standard Career Counselling which helps the individual to connect directly with counselling team, and get resolve their issues with their help of the experts. The psychologist, academic consultant and field expert altogether bring the light of hope of bright future in the Standard Career Counselling.

Who should opt for Standard Career Counselling?

People who are at the confused stage in choosing the particular career among the selected career and have many questions to get resolve must take standard career counselling. In Standard Career Counselling the person get connected directly to the professional psychologist and field expert to get resolved all the doubts that he/she has.

What are the benefits of Standard Career Counselling?

Standard Career Counselling helps the individual to remove the all doubts that comes in his/mind in order to find the right career for him/herself. During the counselling session his/her personal doubts are cleared and get the best advices that fits for his/her bright future.

4-6 Steps Consultation Process of Standard Career Counselling

  • Call, Pay, and Book an online counseling session with help of career consulting coordinators
  • After the payment, a form will be shared with a few important questions before starting the Problem Discussion round
  • After the Problem Identification session, the Problem-Solving round starts
  • If a Field Expert consultation need arises then another session arranged to clear doubts and confusion
  • After all the counseling sessions a PDF report will be provided with the nessary advises
  • After PDF report anyone can ask any question within 4 days to clear any doubt or to take more advises

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