Child Overall Development Guidance

Child Development Guidance

Child Skill Development and Guidance Plan

  • Personality Analysis and Assessment (Parents and Child Separately)
  • 2 Dimensional Discussion with Child Psychologists (Parents and Child Separately)
  • Combined Discussion with Parents and Child
  • PDF Report ( WhatsApp + Email )
  • 3-4 Steps Process
  • 45-60 Min Required
  • Age should be 10+ Years

Consultation Charges

₹ 999 ₹ 1699

*inclusive of 18% GST

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What is Child Development Guidance?

Making the bright future of their child is the dream of millions of parents but they are unable to find the right path or guidance in order to get it done with higher surety. Here, The Study Lamp helps the parents to fulfill their dream with the help of the professional child development consultants who has great experience to develop the qualities and abilities in child and to identify their natural instinct towards a particular academic and non-academic career which help in making the child more confident, future ready and successful.

Why it is important?

Every parent is concern about their child's development. They want to make their child's future bright. Here, With Child Development Guidance session, the parents can find the right path for their child academic & non- academic progress as per child's interest identified during the guidance session. The Child Development Guidance session will bring confidence in making the child's happy future.

Who should opt for Child Overall Development Guidance?

Those parents who are very much aware about the modern competitions and want their child's future safe and secure, they must opt for Child Development Guidance Session. In this session, parents will understand their child interests whether it is academic or non-academic, and in-born qualities in order to make progress in selected field.

What are the benefits of Child Overall Development Guidance?

Child Development Guidance is most important in modern scenario as with the development of mobile utility, children are loosing their interest in academic &n non-academic learning. During Child Development Guidance session, the Child Development experts will help the parents to understand their child's interest in academic or non-academic field, their progressive stage and guide them how to follow the right pattern to move towards development.

3-4 Steps Consultation Process of Child Development Guidance

  • Call, Pay, and Book an online session with help of our coordinators
  • After the payment a form should be fill up by Parents & Child ( there should be separated forms for each and guidance will be provided )
  • Consultation round with Parents & Child ( seperately each)- We call it child understanding period
  • Re-consultation with Parents and Child ( separately or combined depending on the case)
  • A PDF report will be provided and can be discussed within 4 days

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