Emotional Counselling

Emotional Counselling

Budget Friendly Career Counselling Plan

  • Personality Analysis and Assessment
  • 5 Dimensional Assessment Tests
  • 2 One-one sessions with Sr. Psychologists
  • Emotional Rebalanced and Development Session
  • Life Restructuring and Coaching Session
  • Job Guidance by Field Expert, If required
  • PDF Report ( WhatsApp + Email )
  • 6 months counselling support

Consultation Charges

₹ 2500 ₹ 4500

*inclusive of 18% GST

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What is Emotional Counselling?

Human is made of emotional elements which is sometimes become impossible to handle for certain people. Emotional disbalance can destroy the person's life. In every day life, there are moments when a person find him/herself alone to solve his/her emotional issues. In such situations, a professional counsellor can help in building the emotional structure in right manner and a person kind find the relief in handling the emotional tides of life.

Why Emotional Counselling is important?

Struggle for emotional balance is continuous effort of any individual life but sometimes it becomes almost immpossible for some people to balance it. In order to make emotional balance, emotional counselling plays an important role while resolving issues and understanding the person's interest. Emotional counselling brings the ray of hope to restructure the emotional issues. An emotional counsellor understands the person's emotional values and provides the right solutions to solve the emotional problems.

Who should opt for Emotional Counselling?

People who are struggling with their emotional trauma, and are not able to find the way to solve their emotional problems must opt for emotional counselling. The emotional can be various kind such as relationship breakup, family issues, bad experience of life etc. Emotional counselling can help the person to redefining his/her personality in order to resolve the emotional problems. The guidance provided by counsellor help in balancing the emotions and in making person strong to fight the emotional issues his/herself.

What are the benefits of Emotional Counselling?

Emotional counselling benefits the individual in many way which are as follow:

  • Finding in the root cause of the emotional problems
  • Resolving the emotional issues
  • Helping in the restructuring the emotions
  • Redefing the personality of individual
  • Personality development guidance etc.

5-6 Steps Consultation Process of Counselling for emotional counselling

  • Call, Pay, and Book an online counseling session with help of career consulting coordinators
  • After the payment, a form will be shared with a few important questions before starting the Problem Discussion round
  • After the Problem Identification session, the Problem-Solving round starts
  • After two interactions, personality development guidance will be provided
  • After all the counseling sessions a PDF report will be provided with the nessary advises
  • After PDF report anyone can ask any question within 4 days to clear any doubt or to take more advises

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