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Standard Career Counselling and Guidance

70% people are having academic issues in their life but the career counselling can resolve it. So don't hesitate and book your sessions right now!

4-6 Steps Process
45-60 Mins
₹ 699 ₹ 2000
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Advanced Career Counselling & Guidance Process & Charges
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Advanced Career Counselling and Guidance

Get advanced career counselling & clear each and every doubt of life with the help of experts. So don't waste the time and book your sessions now!

8-10 Steps Process
90-150 Mins
₹ 1599 ₹ 5500
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Child Overall Development Guidance
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Child Overall Development Guidance

Are you concerned about your child's academic development and looking for child academic experts? so don't waste your time, book your sessions now!

3-4 Steps Process
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₹ 499 ₹ 1699
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Strange but True

  • - India has one of the highest suicide rates among the aged of 15 to 29
  • - In 2020, students took their own lives in every 42 mins [34 students per day]
  • - 10.6% of youth experience severe Major Depressive Episode, the numbers increased by 197,000.
  • - Around 44% of youth are switching their fields due to lack of interest and awareness.
  • - There are approx 12-15% of youths dropping out of their college due to mental stress. (Reasons: doesn't meet expectations, wasn't their first choice and many more.)
  • - Pressure in youth : High School - 85%, Intermediate - 75% (also tried alcohol, drugs ,etc. ), Graduates - 92% (want to increase social status and career tensions )
  • - The rate of unemployment also increased to 2.73% i.e. 53 Million in December 2021, as per the reports of "The Economic Times".
  • - Million of Indians are planning to quitting their jobs and around 82% of LinkedIn Indians are planning to change for it due to lack of interest.(Based on LinkedIn Report) .
  • - In every 1000 people approx. 200+ people want to change their jobs according to their interest
  • - The need of Professional Career Counselling & Guidance is increasing steadily. If we talk about statistics i.e. 85% .

Our Counsellors

sawan chandra, Career Counsellor

Sawan Chandra

Academic Consultant, Career Counsellor
14+ Year Experience

nikita vats, Academic Counsellor

Nitika Vats

Assistant Professor, Academic Counsellor
4+ Year Experience

akriti maurya, Child Development Counsellor

Akriti Maurya

Child Development Counsellor
5+ Year Experience

Field Experts (50+ Voluntary Support in Career Making)

Kuldeep Singh, IT field expert, Startup Advisor

Kuldeep Singh

IT Professional, Startup Advisor
10+ Year Experience

Dr. Reena Uniyal Tiwari, Teaching field/line advisor

Dr. Reena Uniyal Tiwari

Assistant Professor D.A.V PG College Dehradun, Academic Consultant(Teaching)
23+ Year Experience

ca ayaz ansari, Accounting Field Expert

CA Ayaz Ansari

Professional CA, Career Counsellor(Commerce)
8+ Year Experience

Manish Semwal, Microbiology Field Expert

Manish Semwal

Microbiology & Food Processing Industry Expert
10+ Year Experience

Shweta Dumoga, Chemistry Field Expert

Dr. Shweta Dumoga

NET, JRF & PDF. Researcher & Academic Consultant (Chemistry)
4+ Year Experience

Happy Verma, Fitness Field Expert (Yoga)

Yoga Guru Happy Verma

Yoga Fitness Field Expert, Certified Yoga Trainer
5+ Year Experience

Ar. Sarika Agarwal (Jain), Dean DBUU, Architecture and Planning Expert, B.Arch, MURP COA/ FIIA, AITP

Ar. Sarika Agarwal (Jain)

Dean DBUU, Architecture and Planning Expert, B.Arch, MURP COA/ FIIA, AITP
26+ Year Experience


Dr. Vinay Sharma (Psychiatrist)

15+ Year Experience, Practicing in Uttarakhand Provincial Medical Health Services

Dinesh Gusain, youtuber and influencer

Dinesh Gusain

YouTuber, Social Media Content Creator. Channel: DineshTalks
6+ Year Experience, 6.43 Lacs Subscribers

Many More...

We are connected to 50+ field experts to help students, graduates, working professionals & married women to shape-up their careers with more clarity.

Why Us?

Our professional team of certified career consultants, experienced psychologists, educational counsellors, subject selection experts, and field experts are always ready to help you from anywhere via our online dashboard. You can share any issue to get the best counselling & guidance. You can find a career counselor nearby but those career advisors do not have a well-structured team like us. They can advise you but can't help and guide you to create a clear career path with detailed knowledge of future job opportunities. You can connect with our customer care executive and discuss your queries for free without any charge.

Professional Career Counselling and Guidance

Career choice has become one of the most challenging parts of today's life. Many people don't know how to become successful in their lives. In such a scenario, not only students but also many graduates and working people feel confused about their choices, whether they are entrepreneurs, Businessmen, YouTubers, Doctors, Lawyers or Software Engineers. They are always in a dilemma with a question, "What can I do in my life to earn better?"They are always confused about their career. To overcome such a situation, career counselling plays an important role in defining the right path in career selection. It helps in removing confusion, and gives a clear vision in order to fulfil dreams. It makes individual clear about his/her current career position, and suggests the best solution for career planning in order to have a happy life. Our Professional Career Counselling Team is currently situated at Dehradun city center and we are providing the career counseling services in all over India via online to different locations like Delhi, Mumbai, Noida, Bhopal, Shimla, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Ranchi, Patna, Kolkata, Gandhi Nagar, Bangeluru, Hedrabad, Amravati, Trivantpuram, Channai, Panaji, Gangtok, Itanagar, Shilong, Puhima, Imphal, Aizwal, Lucknow, Raipur, Bhubaneshwar etc. If you are looking for best career consultants in India then contact the Profesional Career Counselling and Guidance team of The Study Lamp.

Importance of Professional Career Counselling and Guidance

Career counselling assists students and professionals in understanding their career options. Counselling is a broad term. It means helping someone by providing guidance, moral support, and solutions. Therefore, in career counselling, one gets guidance, moral support, and solutions to the problems they are facing in their careers. Career counselling helps in picking up the best career. It also brings stability to one’s thoughts. If you are in a dilemma about your career, you should definitely go for professional career counselling. With the increase in career options, the need for career counselling has become more important in modern life. Although career guidance is important for all age groups, teenagers can get the most from it.

Our Career Guidance Coach

On one hand, The Study Lamp steps forward in assisting students in reaching their goals by providing dynamic counselling sessions with the Professional Career Counselling Team to help them understand the opportunities after class 10th, class 12th or graduation, and on the other hand, it's been helping many working people to find the right job where they can feel happy and earn a handsome amount. In order to solve these problems, TSL provides counselling sessions online and offline (Dehradun, Uttarakhand) as well as online from anywhere via video conferencing, where the professional counsellors meet the person and give the best advice for their careers.

Subjects Seleciton Guidance

Most of the students during the academic session of class 9th, 10th & 11th face the problem of right subjects selection, this is the time when they first time experience the importance of a decision but more than 70% students face lots of doubts and confusions due to unsure and unclear future goals, and on the other side, they face pressure from parents and society with pieces of advise which make them more confused to choose the right path for the bright future. Here, Professional Career Counsellors play the role and help the students with TSL career guidance services to clear each every doubt and confusion to select subjects of their choices with the future oppornutites details.

Right Course & College Guidance

Schooling is that period of life when we learn basics to make ourselves ready for the professional course. But to select the right college, university or course, it's always an unsure decision for them whereas at the same time, it is vital for stress-free work. As per our records, more than 70% of the students and parents follow the trending courses, successful persons in society, or friends, and put themselves in dilemma because they are not aware of the importance of right and complete information. In such cases, parents also play a role to make their children more confused with incomplete information & advice. Due to all these aspects, students usually select the wrong course and college which put them on the wrong path for years with stress & doubts about a better life.

Government Job/Exam Guidance

Getting a Government Job is not easy as most of us think it requires a lot of hard work but it's not as such. According to us, getting a Government Job is not that hard if the person is focused and completely clear about his/her path. Usually, people don't know the importance of the right guidance to get the job, they usually fill up lots of lower-level forms without checking their skills. Most people don't know that the Central Government and State Governments give more than 50+ opportunities in different services. Most persons don't know that there are many Government departments where they can do the job of their choice without following the general advice of society for instance bankers, police, doctors, etc. All such information can make the higher chances of getting the right Govt. Job. Our Professional Career Counselling team solved many such cases and helped many aspirants to get the Govt. jobs without losing their area of interest.

Mid-life Career Crisis Solutions

Many females and males face a lot of issues restarting careers or switching careers as it's not an easy task for most of the persons. We usually need a lot of knowledge and information to take the right step. We usually look for the person around us to take the advice but the problem is we are unsure always from the core of our minds. In such a situation, a few questions usually arise in a person's mind how should I restart my career? how can I restart my job? how can I work along with my kid? which career is best to set up the right balance in life?

Career after marriage is the main concern, especially for females. They are bounded by lots of responsibilities, and they also wanted to achieve their goals but for women, it's not so easy. Here the Professional Career Guidance and Counselling team helps women and men to solve career decision issues, and we also help to connect with the right field experts to properly plan the career path to execute it properly.

Confused or Job Less After Graduation?

Many persons face a lot of issues after graduation or post-graduation to find a job. They always feel confused about the right job, and due to that they usually choose the job which they don't like or the job underemployment. Most of the time lack of information pushed them to do underemployment jobs which disturbs their career path for a long time. In such a scenario they usually search for guidance but due to a limited network, they are unable to find such people. Field experts are the persons who can give proper guidance to take the right direction of career and TSL professional job counselors are helping many persons to solve this issue to keep growing in their respective fields. Here The Study Lamp Professional Career Counselling & Guidance team plays an important role to guide such persons, as their strong and big network of field experts helps them to connect with the right working professional to solve such career crisis problems.


Find the answers for the most frequently asked questions below

With the increase in career options, the need for career counselling and career guidance has become greater. Students are confused about which field they should choose after 10th or 12th. Career counselling helps them understand the career options that they have and how to pursue them. A career guidance coach helps them to clear their vision and see properly towards the future.
Yes, it will be confidential. No details will be shared here and there. Everything will be safe within the company. If the person seeks his/her career counselling without even disclosing their name, TheStudyLamp is the right place to go then.
Career counselling will help them choose the best course or the best they can do in their field. The student will be able to make the right and sure decision after the session. Investing in TheStudyLamp for career counselling will yield a 100% return on investment. Students are guided by the best career guidance coaches.
Before seeking career counselling, you should understand the distinctions between a fake, a false and a legitimate career counsellor.

The fake career guidance coach is the one who just wants you to buy the courses provided by their company or institution. They even don't have any knowledge about the psychology of career counselling or any field experience.

False career counsellors are those who do know about the psychology of career counselling but lack or have zero updates on opportunities in the current scenario.

Whereas, the right professional career counsellor guides you in the perfect direction because he/she knows about the psychology of career counselling and has the latest updates on opportunities in the current scenario as well.
At TheStudy Lamp, the career counselling is done by experts who have proper knowledge. The career guidance coaches here have more than 10 years of field experience. You will be guided by a physiological counsellor who will help you to know about your interests and then the expertise of those who have been working in that particular field for years will help you to choose the best in that field.

Feedbacks by Counselling Beneficiaries

Sapna Chamiyal | 27, Jul, 2022

"Thank you so much to Sawan Chandra sir to clear all my doubts and understand me in better way. I was not sure about my career but after attending counselling session with Seema mam and Sawan Chandra sir, now I am clear about my career. it was my first session in The Study Lamp."

luv sati | 14, Jul, 2022

"Thank you Mr. Sawan Chandra sir for your guidance. The first session was good. He is very comfortable to talk to. I am that kind of person who cannot share his feelings despite this he somehow understood what I couldn't tell."

Ishika Bhatt | 14, Jul, 2022

"Thankyou Mr. Sawan chandra sir for being empathetic and thankyou for listening all my concerns. Had a really good experience. Nice and compassionate people with a good and soothing environment."