Dropping out of college and doing what I like is right or wrong?

Asked By: Arvinder Kaur on Thu, 18-Aug-2022

No, it's not wrong. Although people often encourage you to go to college, it is not necessary, so yes, it is okay to drop out of college if you are sure that's what you want to do. When making a big decision, it's best to balance emotion and logic so you don't make an irrational one. Ask yourself: Is your reason for dropping out based on emotion or hard facts? For instance, are you just not happy with your classes this semester, or do you feel like college isn't helping you reach your goals? If you're going to drop out, make sure you have concrete plans for what you'll do afterward. Are the next six months mapped out? How will you continue to grow? Do you have a plan B? Before dropping out or making any other major decision, you should seek the advice of a professional career counsellor to help you make the best decision for you.

Answered By: Arvinder Kaur on 2 days ago