Khyati Gautam
By Khyati Gautam
Assistant Psychologist at TSL

Problems that Increase Student's Confusion and Force Them to Make a Wrong Career Choice 

Class 10th and 12th are the most crucial phases of our lives where we take the first step towards our career but due to improper guidance and knowledge, we get astray from the main target. You must have seen that there is the dominance of a particular field in every state in India, in Gujarat, most of the people do business. In Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh, people usually prepare for government exams, in South India, the emphasis is on technology and industry. This blog helps you to know which things affect your decision and where you need to work hard. At this time you get lots of advice that confuses you. If you score good marks you will be at an edge to choose your interest and can follow your passion but if you don't score, then things get against you. Now here you will learn about which type of problem you face when you are going to choose a subject for your upcoming future and what to do to solve them.

Problems in Subject Selection  -

  • Educational backwardness
  • Leave it to the parents 
  • Reluctant to find new solutions
  • Follow the trend   
  • The dominance of particular expertise   
  • Limited sources 
  • Influenced by others 
  • Confused mind 
  • Indecisive behavior
  • Idealizing individual success                 
  • Stereotype related to the particular job 

Educational Backwardness - 

Such conditions where you do not have access to quality education, an unstable environment for learning, a lack of empathy on the part of teachers, and a lack of opportunity, all lead to rapidly rising deprivation, illiteracy rates, unemployment, and ignorance. Education is highly influenced by cultural, social, and economic differences. Some societies are limited in their achievements because they are stuck in their religious and belief systems without striving for betterment. Focusing only on quantity and not paying attention to quality education leads to a lot of confusion and fragmentation and this further creates a chasm into which our dreams and ambitions fall.

Leave it On Parents - 

You must have experienced this that at the age from 13 to 19, most of your decisions are taken by your parents or elders. These decisions ultimately decide your growth in careers. Generally, parents do not know much about the career opportunities related to a particular subject that is best and related to their child's interest. Some children are passionate about different things which are neglected by parents because they think that whatever they are providing is best for their children but somehow it affects children mentally and physically. The main goal of parents is to make their children successful. According to the government, an average middle-class parent spends 32000 annually on their child's education, which goes up to around 1.9 lakhs. Lack of proper knowledge about career guidance at this stage ultimately leads to drastic steps like depression, anxiety, and suicide, so it is necessary that whatever decision is taken should prove to be best for the child and he should be hopeful about his future.

Reluctant to Find New Solutions -

You choose those things which you find easy to do and easy to achieve and everyone thinks of the same thing in the same way which leads to a large crowd doing the same thing at the same time. Most of your decisions are influenced by others because you choose what your best friend, classmate, and a successful known person choose and what attracts you. You started any career without knowing about the available career opportunities which eventually landed you in trouble and you realized after 5 to 6 years that what you had decided earlier was not made for you. And lastly, being in a specific domain does not get them good placements or opportunities. Most students are afraid of taking up different subjects, lest they become friendless. Social pressure, family pressure, and isolation of friends compel them to be part of the crowd.

Follow the Trend - 

Most of the students choose math and biology after 10th or 12th, even though their passion and professional demands are different, they just focus on those subjects which have high-paying jobs and good standards in society. But don't lose sight of how tough it is to compete with others at the same level. Taking up a fancy subject based on trends will increase your social standing, but it will affect your bright career and your mental health. Neglecting subjects outside popular choices can lead to a shortage of professionals in critical fields such as the arts, humanities, or social sciences.

The Dominance of Particular Expertise - 

You must have observed that generally the profession of the parents is imposed on the children. This occurs when they believe that their field is the most prestigious, financially rewarding, or secure, and thus motivate their children to follow in their footsteps. Each person has unique interests, skills, and aspirations which affect a particular career. But if the child follows their footsteps without analyzing his/her interest and talent, it can lead to a situation of loneliness and depression. later the child starts blaming his/her upbringing and him/herself that 'if there was right guidance, Then I would have been something else'. A math student is always seen as smart and right-minded in society even if he is not interested in it and an arts student is always asked what are you going to do with it. The dominance of anything always has bad consequences whether it is in career or in thoughts.

Limited Sources -

School, home, and surroundings play an important role in deciding our future as it is our primary source of learning about various domains. Since childhood, we have experienced many such things which become the basis of our knowledge, and which potentially influence our decisions. Due to a lack of awareness and limited resources in some sections, children are forced to make decisions based on selective information available which leads them to a very difficult career path. The advice of elders, limited scope, and financial constraints are also the result of mass involvement.

Influenced by Others - 

Most children get influenced by singers, players, businessmen, dancers, and teachers because of their fans following and they start to be like them without knowing their core values of them. Your dressing sense, jewelry, behavior, thoughts, and dreams are always influenced by others because everything you unconsciously observe somehow follows them, and it is the same process that follows in our decisions. When you see a successful person you try to copy them because of his/her success story but we forget that s/he is different from us.

Confused Mind - 

Lots of information confuses us about where to step ahead. Our decisions prescribe our coming life and most importantly our personality. A confused mind may never be able to figure out the facts that lead to a dilemma and this ultimately leads you to focus on others and copy them if they are doing great. The main reason is that you find a lot of crowds in a particular area. Due to the ambiguity of thoughts, copying anyone becomes the reason for our bad experience. In day-to-day life, we always choose where our interest lies but when it comes to the future it bothers us as it is a difficult decision and no one wants to make the wrong choice.   

Indecisive Behavior 

Fear of failure, being overwhelmed, lack of motivation and purpose, and external influences lead to indecisive behavior in children. In childhood, you have many dreams to achieve but when it comes to choosing a career, you are not able to figure out which career suits us. Today's youth is so distracted by social media that they get easily attracted by anything and end up doing the same which wastes their time and energy. When you are not clear about your goal then no one takes you seriously then your decisions are taken by any family member or person.

Idealizing  Individual Success 

We all have some role models like one of our family members or those people who get success early in their life. We have seen many memes on these issues like 'Sharmaji ka ladka' got placement in a high profile company by choosing these subjects in 10th or 12th. Somehow we get influenced or pressured by them and start doing those things to achieve success without knowing the background story. Idealizing someone's success destroys our individuality due to which we become a part of a big herd. Some people, despite having good academics and good skills in a specific field, get inspired by the success of others and start underestimating their craft and later depression, remorse, and regrets become a part of life. 

Stereotype Related to Particular Job - 

You see significant gender disparities in medical assistants, technologists and technicians, sales-related occupations, personal financial advisors, medical scientists, and legal occupations. This is because society has created a stereotype among children that these jobs are for men and those for women, which makes children reluctant to choose fields where they find fewer people like them.  Traditional gender roles often assign men to breadwinning and leadership positions, while women are expected to fulfill caregiving and supportive roles. These cultural norms can influence people's perceptions of certain jobs as being more "appropriate" for one gender over another. Due to this what children see and are told from childhood becomes their vision code and gradually this chain increases.

Solutions - 

Due to so many dilemmas, troubles, and ignorance, you are looking for someone to guide you and show you the right direction. Guidance is needed at every stage, whether it is adolescence or adulthood. Having the right guidance is as important as seeing yourself successful.

Some steps are which can be helpful to solve your problem - 

  • Providing the right education in the right way 
  • Self-reliance and self-sufficiency 
  • Enthusiasm for finding unique solutions 
  • Take a different route
  • Idealizing  Individual success 
  • The dominance of particular expertise 
  • Explore new areas 
  • Use your mind not others 
  • Clear minded- 
  • Setting a clear goal 
  • Break the Stereotype related to the particular job 

Providing the Right Education in the Right Way  

Education is the lifeline of today's youth and upcoming youth so it should be in the right hands or in the right way. A person belonging to an educated society goes to another country for further education and works there. But the educational backwardness of a person can't be eliminated in this way. Providing proper guidance to the needy and establishing new jobs for others to help other people think towards growth. Providing the right education means everyone having some level of knowledge can help them to make the right decisions. School teachers and society are bound to treat children as the future of the next generation.

Self-Reliance and Self-Sufficiency 

Parents always want to give their best and also expect the best for their children but there is a difference between expecting and imposing. parents should not impose their interest-profession on their children. Children should tell their parents about their interests and dreams so that they can give the right guidance and proper advice with the help of the right person or counselor accordingly. Parents must understand their child, help him grow, and make his dreams come true. This is possible only when you are capable of making your own decisions. If you become aware of your responsibilities, then it reflects in your decisions as well and there is little chance that anyone will interfere in your realization.

Enthusiasm for Finding Unique Solutions 

As we all know that ‘’curiosity is the mother of invention’’ so until and unless you do not solve the problems yourselves, you can expect neither development nor a bright future. Knowing yourself and striving to be better is the only way to grow. New ideas and approaches to problem-solving improve quality of life and social well-being. Keeping in mind your desire and exploring new opportunities gives you a scale where you can decide according to your desired skills. It helps you to create an image of your coming future.

Take a Different Route

The following topics and job trends will not make you rich or move you toward your goal. Follow your passion by identifying your core, what you love to do or are interested in. Taking the right subject is the first step in your life. Don't follow trends, follow what suits your personality and act accordingly. This will not only help you grow faster but most importantly help you lead a happier life. When you choose a different path you have already proved that you are an exception and you are going to live your life whether you have experienced good or bad but it is you who is the maker of your own destiny.

Idealizing  Individual Success 

Inspiration comes from where you focus your attention. For your focus to always be in the right direction, you need to know yourself so that you won't make wrong decisions in the future, inspired by something that might affect you. If you once know where your focus is and where it should be, you will have solved half of your problems. Don't get inspired by someone's skills until you know their story. You should find your own talent and establish it. If you learn from the failures of others instead of focusing on their successes, then your chances of getting success will increase.

The Dominance of Particular Expertise   

Everyone has a talent of his own which gives him an identity in this world by which he makes himself successful by following the decisions taken by his will. If family members and other people do not impose thoughts on him and give him the right direction, then mental peace and stability can be established in the future. Due to the imposition of decisions and lack of guidance, children become depressed and take suicidal steps, which is illegal and a social crime. Considering your talent you should convince your close one of that and you can also take the help of a counselor who will definitely give you a new path.

Explore New Areas  

Many times our limited resources put you in the dock, and you have limited career options to choose from, which leads you to depression. In the end, one has to join the herd due to limited knowledge. Explore related career options keeping in mind your passion and skills where you can do well. You can also consult with a professional career counselor who will help you in finding more areas of interest. Read articles, books, and papers and take guidance from people who are already in that field so that you can get a good picture of the future as well.

Use Your Mind not Others  

In this stage, you ask everyone what is better for you, and in which field you can do well. Friends, family, and other people who have achieved success and being influenced by them, you start seeing your career in them. It can't keep you working for a long time and after some time you will be looking for your passion somewhere else, it is better that you focus on yourself and not on the outside world.

Clear Minded 

Learn, learn, learn as much as you can. It will surely improve your thought processes and help you in making good decisions. If you are confused about which subject to choose or what the goal should be then just focus on your personality and who you are when you know yourself then you will not have any difficulty in making any decision. If you reach the root of the problem, then you will find that you can also solve it. If you try to solve all the problems at once, it will not work. Observe them one by one and take the right decision

Setting a Clear Goal  

It is necessary to have a clear goal at this stage and take small steps to turn it into a big milestone because this is the stage in your life where you are going to invest money for your future. give time for self-reflection, exploring your passions, and imagining your ideal future. Break big goals down into smaller ones, take manageable steps, and don't be afraid to adjust or redefine your goals as you gain more clarity and insight. Additionally, seeking guidance from an advisor, coach, or consultant can provide valuable support and assistance in clarifying your goals.

Break the Stereotype Related to the Particular Job

Nowadays girls and boys do not see themselves as inferior but society does. You should work hard for this mindset in that field where they feel it is challenging for a particular community. When you try to make a career in something, first focus on yourself. Always make decisions based on your strengths and weaknesses. Their success makes noise who choose not to conform to the rat race or society's stereotypes.


Now, you have almost got an idea of the types of things that dominate you and your decision-making. After reading everything you know where to work and where to take action Now, you have almost got an idea of the types of things that dominate you and your decision-making. After reading this, you have come to know where to work and where to take action. If you find any difficulty in making decisions or have a fear of failure you can take advice from a career counselor which will impact you and change your perspective of the problems.