How to Prepare UPSSSC Exams

How to Prepare UPSSSC Exams

Himani Singh
By Himani Singh
Government Exams Blog Writer

In today's competitive era, every candidate's dream is to get a government job. Having a government job is also considered a matter of pride in society and a government job person is seen with respectable eyes. This is the reason that the competition in the field of government jobs has increased a lot. Everyone is running after getting a government job. If your dream is to get a government job and you do not know how to prepare then this article is for you. Candidates need to strengthen their preparation to crack the exam. We will help you make your preparation easy through this article.

  • Follow the rules
  • Which books to read
  • Tips to prepare
  • What not to do?

Follow the Rules

Know the Nature of the Exam

Before preparing for any exam, it is important to understand the nature of the exam thoroughly. Get all the important information related to the exam like eligibility of the exam, syllabus of the exam, what is it? And so on. This will help you in preparation. If you are preparing for the UPSAC exam, you can also take the help of any candidate or you can also get information online from YouTube or Google.

Make a Habit of Reading Daily

You should have a habit of reading daily. Most of children start their studies with a lot of noise in the beginning. But later gradually they start slackening in studies, due to which they take a gap of 3-4 days in between studies. Do not do this, make a habit of reading daily. Read something every day, this will make you a habit of reading.

How to Prepare for Reasoning

Reasoning is the main and a bit difficult part of the exam. Reasoning is also a scoring subject, if you have a strong hold in reasoning then the exam becomes even easier for you. The easiest way to learn reasoning is to use tricks. Solving questions with tricks will help you solve reasoning questions easily. Also, try to solve 8 to 10 questions of reasoning on your own daily, this will improve your reasoning to a great extent

Solve Old Question Papers

Go through the previous year question papers and analyze them to understand the UPSAC exam pattern. This is the easiest way to understand the exam and solve previous year question papers. Old year question papers help a lot in the exam, it gives you an idea of ​​the questions, what type of questions are asked in the papers. This will help you to make a proper plan for the exam.

Time Table

Reading with time table is a bit difficult in the beginning. But when you make a habit of reading according to the time table, then gradually you will get used to the time table. In the beginning, sit for 2-3 hours and try to increase the time gradually. By doing this you will not have to sit forcibly studying, you will sit to study as per your wish.

Which Books to Read?

  • NCERT- 6 to 12
  • Reasoning - RS Aggarwal, Arun Sharma
  • General Studies - Dr. Binay Karna, Lucent
  • Current Affairs- Drishti Current Affairs Today Magazine, The Hindu Newspaper

Tips for Preparation

Read According to the Syllabus

Study according to the syllabus of the exam. Out of syllabus questions are not asked in the exam, so prepare well for the given syllabus. You can also check the syllabus of the exam online. You will also get the syllabus of the exam through our article.

Practice Typing

Typing speed test is conducted in the UPSSSC exam. In which your Hindi and English typing speed is analyzed. Hindi and English typing are mandatory for UPSSSC exam. Your speed should be 30 words per minute in Hindi and English. You can also join computer classes to prepare for typing. If you have a computer or laptop at home then you can also prepare yourself.

Don't be Afraid

During the preparation, there is often a fear in the mind of the students about the result, due to which sometimes the result of the exam is negative. Have confidence in yourself during the preparation itself. Prepare for the exam with positive thinking. Most important thing if you are preparing for any government job then it is very important to have patience in you. If you do not study with stress or pressure, you will not be able to read. That's why it is important that you remain stress free.

What Not to Do?

Before Preparing and During Preparation it is Important to Keep Some Things in Mind Which Are as Follows-

  • Do not prepare for the exam without knowing.
  • Do not join coaching center without any suggestion or proper information.
  • Don't run after many exams. Prepare well for the same exam.
  • Prepare according to the syllabus of the exam that has been given because questions are asked from the syllabus itself in the exam.
  • If you want to get a government job then start preparing in advance.
  • Whatever you are studying or memorizing, do not memorize it but try to understand it. Memory will not develop your ability to understand and think and you will not remember what you have read for a long time.

Nowadays the competition has increased a lot. Everyone wants to move on. It is not difficult to crack any exam, just a little hard work is needed. If you prepare with sincerity and dedication then you will surely clear the exam. Through this article, we have given you important information related to the preparation of the UPSSSC exam. Hope you liked this article.