How To Prepare Banking Exams

How To Prepare Banking Exams

Himani Singh
By Himani Singh
Government Exams Blog Writer

Bank exams are one of the toughest exams that require a candidate to work hard. To prepare for this exam, the candidate needs good strategy and rules. Through this article you will get complete information about banking which will help you in your examination. This article will help you in Banking Exam. So read and understand the article carefully. While preparing for the bank exam, it is important to keep the following things in mind-

  • Follow the rules
  • Which books are to read
  • Tips to prepare
  • What not to do?

1. Follow the Rules

Reading with a goal

It is very important for any exam to study with a goal, by studying with a goal, you will be able to read the banking syllabus completely and understand it properly. By studying with a goal, you will have a passion that you have to study this subject in such a time, in such a way that you will be interested and you will not get lazy, but you will enjoy reading.

Time Table

It is very important to make a time table to complete any work and time table is very important for studies. By studying with the time table, you will complete the syllabus quickly.

Join Coaching

Bank exams are very difficult, so many student invest a lot of money by joining good coaching for the preparation of banking. Coaching helps you a lot in preparation.

Preparation by Staying at Home

You can prepare for the bank even by staying at home, it is not necessary that you take coaching, many student  stay at home and prepare for this exam by themselves and also achieve success.

Online Reading

You can also prepare for bank online like YouTube, academy app, there are many education websites online, with the help of which you will get a lot of help in bank exams. Nowadays, children like to read more online, and prepare by staying at home. Taking online education is very helpful.

Build a Strong Hold on the English Language

English is very important for banking exam; you should have good knowledge of English language. English is important in the field of banking, so make a strong hold on the English language.

Boost Your Spirits

The most important thing is to have patience in this exam and keep yourself motivated. To pass this exam, you have to work hard, it is not that you have to study the whole day, you study for less time but study with your mind. Never get discouraged, always keep in mind that you will pass the exam, always keep positive thoughts in mind that you will pass this exam. You watch motivational videos to keep yourself motivated, it will help you to be motivated.

2. Which Books Are to Read?

  • NCERT- 6 to 12
  • Reasoning - RS Aggarwal, Arun Sharma
  • Major Economic News Paper and Economic and Political Weekly
  • Banking Awareness
  • Fast track objective arithmetic
  • English- S.P. Bucky, Ren & Martin
  • General Studies - Dr.  Binay Karna
  • Current Affairs- Drishti Current Affairs Today Magazine, The Hindu Newspaper

3. Tips for Preparation

Pay More Attention to Weak Subjects

Many student do not show any interest in the subjects in which they are weak, nor do they like to study those subjects. The subjects in which children are interested and in which they are sharp, they read the same subjects again and again. But student should pay attention to the fact that more attention should be paid to those who are weak and try to strengthen their grip on them.

Practice with Previous Question Papers

By preparing with previous question papers, you will get personal information about the exam, how questions are asked in the exam. Solve the old paper openly, in such a way that you will have the practice of writing and you will know the time in which you are solving that paper.

Notes Making

Notes are very important because the syllabus of banking is very big and it is difficult to remember it, for this it is necessary to make notes. Make notes of what you are studying and what is necessary.

Read News Papers

News is an important part of preparation for any exam, so that you should know about what is going on around us and in the country and abroad, in such a situation it is necessary for you to be aware of the current affairs. Because current affairs are important from the point of view of this exam. For this you need to read the newspaper every day, in such a situation you get information about the country and abroad.


Revision is very important to pass any exam because every day you have to read something new, it is not easy to remember everything so revision is necessary. It is not necessary to read more, but how much you studied and how much you remember is more important, it is necessary for this, revision is very important. One day a week, revise what you studied for the whole week, in such a way your ability to remember will develop and you will be able to remember more and more things.

Be Stress Free

It is very important for every student to remain stress free; it is very important for any examination. If you are preparing for any exam, then it is most important that you do not remain under stress and prepare for the exam with positive thoughts and study without stress. Along with studies, it is necessary that you also do some entertainment. Hang out with friends, go out with family, watch movies, but with entertainment, take care that you do not deviate from your path and balance everything. Being stress free is very important for the exam. 

4. What Not to Do?

This is a very important thing what not to do? Many student  do not even know what to do in life, they do not have any goal of their own. By making a goal, studying and concentrating on one thing, you will achieve that goal quickly. Nowadays student's  goal is only to get government job, they are not focused for one exam and keep wandering. Do not let your mind wander and do not run after different government jobs, make a goal that you have to do this and work hard to achieve it. Student  join coaching but there is only one thing in their mind that they have to get any government job. In today's society, everyone has the same thinking that only by going to coaching, government examinations can be passed, due to which student  join coaching. Coaching only tells us the way to reach the destination, we have to walk on that path ourselves. Coaching teaches only 30 to 35 percent, the rest we have to study on our own, so do not become completely dependent on coaching.

Hope you liked this article. Through this article of ours, you must have got a lot of help in preparing for Banking exam. There are many jobs in the banking sector but the competition has increased a lot. So study honestly. The goal of this article is just to get you the information about Banking exam in simple words so that it can help you in your preparation for the exam.