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A Career Solution Platform

India's only platform for Career Planning, Career Building, and Career Growth where you get online guidance related to career issues at every stage of life to become a successful person.

Manzil Dikhaye Bhi, Manzil Tak Pahuchaye Bhi

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Why Us..??

Remove life confusions, discover yourself, and plan your goals with our online solutions

  • Holistic approach: Comprehensive career counselling covering planning, building, and growth.
  • Expert guidance: Personalized support from experienced career counsellors.
  • Wide service coverage: Addressing subject selection, exams, job switching, and more.
  • Trusted reputation: Positive reviews and testimonials showcasing our effectiveness.
  • Valuable resources: Access to training materials for resume building and interview preparation.
  • Accessibility and convenience: Online platform eliminating geographical barriers.
  • Emotional support: Guidance for relationship issues and personal challenges.
  • Long-term success focus: Empowering individuals for sustainable career growth.
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Career Planning

Planning is the First Step towards Success

career planning solutions Plan your career with the guidance of our team of career consultants, psychologists, educational counsellors, and field experts. We offer a range of online counselling services, including child development counselling, academic development support, subject and course selection guidance, and career planning assistance. Our aim is to provide you with the support and knowledge to make informed decisions, eliminate doubts, and open doors to new opportunities. Start planning your career towards achieving your dreams. Plan Now

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Career Building

Study Guidance can Build a Fruitful Career

career building solutions Achieve career success through careful planning and decision-making. Our digital services offer guidance in exam preparation, interview skills, and creating effective resumes. With exam counseling and mentorship programs, we help students excel in exams. Our interview preparation guidance enhances communication skills for successful job interviews. We also provide guidance in crafting impactful resumes. Utilize our services to make informed decisions, excel in exams, impress in interviews, and maximize career opportunities. See All Now

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Career Growth

Clear Thoughts Bring Growth & Happy Life

career growth solutions Career growth plays a crucial role in providing working professionals with opportunities for advancement, learning, and increased income. It is especially significant for married women as it can bring financial independence, self-esteem, and work-life balance. Prioritizing self-care, seeking support, and cultivating a growth mindset are essential in overcoming these obstacles. By utilizing our confidential and trustable online counseling services for job switching, career restart, emotional balance, professional growth, relationship issues, bullying or ragging concerns, decision making, and personal life challenges, individuals can navigate these difficulties and achieve personal and professional growth. Resolve Now

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Feedback of Counselling Beneficiaries

Rishabh Yadav
Rishabh Yadav

Can a small town boy see big dreams? Can He become an officer? The answer is yes. Read success story of Rishabh Yadav to know the journey of small town boy

Abhinav Bajpai
Abhinav Bajpai

Becoming a scientist is a dream of millions. Do you know how to become a scientist ? if don't know Read Abhinav Bajpai's success story who is the Scientist at Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Department Of Atomic Energy, Government of India

Pragati Mishra
Pragati Mishra

What are the essential steps for the success? How does Pragati Mishra strived hard to complete her journey of success and became District Divyangjan Welfare Officer. Read about her journey here

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Find the answers for the most frequently asked questions below

With the increase in career options, the need for career counselling and career guidance has become greater. Students are confused about which field they should choose after 10th or 12th. Career counselling helps them understand the career options that they have and how to pursue them. A career guidance coach helps them to clear their vision and see properly towards the future.

Yes, it will be confidential. No details will be shared here and there. Everything will be safe within the company. If the person seeks his/her career counselling without even disclosing their name, TheStudyLamp is the right place to go then.

Career counselling will help them choose the best course or the best they can do in their field. The student will be able to make the right and sure decision after the session. Investing in TheStudyLamp for career counselling will yield a 100% return on investment. Students are guided by the best career guidance coaches.

Before seeking career counselling, you should understand the distinctions between a fake, a false and a legitimate career counsellor.

The fake career guidance coach is the one who just wants you to buy the courses provided by their company or institution. They even don't have any knowledge about the psychology of career counselling or any field experience.

False career counsellors are those who do know about the psychology of career counselling but lack or have zero updates on opportunities in the current scenario.

Whereas, the right professional career counsellor guides you in the perfect direction because he/she knows about the psychology of career counselling and has the latest updates on opportunities in the current scenario as well.

At TheStudy Lamp, the career counselling is done by experts who have proper knowledge. The career guidance coaches here have more than 10 years of field experience. You will be guided by a physiological counsellor who will help you to know about your interests and then the expertise of those who have been working in that particular field for years will help you to choose the best in that field.